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On the transformation of AI input method from the evolution of intelligent Wang Zi of Sogou input me

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Note:   As one of the most popular and classic Internet products,input method is only an input tool in the era of PC and mob
   As one of the most popular and classic Internet products,input method is only an input tool in the era of PC and mobile.However,after entering the AI era,the input method has not only significantly improved the input efficiency and input experience,but also spawned new services such as AI voice change and AI translation based on the blessing of AI technology and big data.
  What kind of input do people need in the AI era
  The emergence of these new functions and services undoubtedly brings more fun and better experience to people's life communication.However,these new AI functions alone are not enough for people to use the input method product as a platform product with higher viscosity.For input method products,if you want to maintain long-term vitality and have broader business prospects,you must tap your own potential and resolutely transform from instrumental products to service-oriented ecological platform products based on AI innovative technology and innovative services.
  Therefore,AI assistant application is born.In August 2019,"national input method"Sogou input method took the lead in launching the AI assistant function in the industry and named it smart Wang Zi,leading the input method industry to officially enter the AI input era.The intelligent Wang Zi launched in the first phase mainly focuses on the social chat scene of users,solves the problem of"awkward chat"on the social platform,and introduces functions such as witticism replacement,God matching map and weather prompt to help users communicate and communicate more interestingly,making the expression simpler and more intelligent,which is widely welcomed by users.
  Since then,input method products began to change qualitatively,from input tools to service platforms.As a bridge connecting users and platform services,AI assistant can support input method products and provide users with more diversified,personalized and scene services,which makes AI input the inevitable direction of the future development of input method,and AI assistant has thus become the service standard of major input method products.
  In the AI era,why is the Sogou input method still"yyds"in the hearts of users?
  In recent years,AI technology has accelerated its evolution and maturity.Input method products with AI wings have more and more powerful functions,more and more perfect services and more perfect experience.
  Taking Sogou input method,which has just completed a comprehensive upgrade,as an example,AI assistant function intelligent Wang Zi has been upgraded to the third generation.Intelligent Wang Zi 3.0 not only has a larger and cleaner operation interface and simpler operation experience,but also comprehensively optimizes the content recommendation strategy to enrich users'choices.
  In fact,the biggest change in Sogou input method this update is actually the upgrade of the function"kernel".once smart Wang Zi 1.0 was positioned as an auxiliary chat tool.The functions such as witticism replacement and God matching map were mainly to help people chat and"break the ice".Intelligent Wang Zi 2.0 is upgraded to a personal communication assistant.In addition to upgrading and enriching the existing functions,it also launched the AI chat function to help users express efficiently,interestingly and freely in different scenarios.Smart Wang Zi 3.0 is upgraded again.It not only adds a new translation function,so that users can translate in real time in the dialog box,and cross language communication is more smooth.
  Smart Wang Zi 3.0 not only upgrades its functions,but also ushers in a qualitative leap in experience.Through cooperation with meituan takeout and other platform service providers,AI takeout evaluation,AI online shopping assistant,AI circle of friends assistant and other functions have been launched,which has given more comprehensive satisfaction to the expression needs of young people in multi-dimensional scenes such as shopping,takeout,social networking,home,travel,payment and information,and can be called all-round AI assistant.
  In this process,the biggest driving force to promote Sogou input method and intelligent Wang Zi to the advanced road is actually Sogou's continuously evolving AI technology and leading language AI ability.The launch of intelligent Wang Zi 1.0 is a preliminary demonstration of Sogou's ability in AI and big data integration,while the"help you chat"function of intelligent Wang Zi 2.0 shows Sogou's strong and leading ability in semantic understanding;The intelligent Wang Zi 3.0 that"can speak and write"is the embodiment of Sogou's comprehensive ability in the field of AI technology,including natural language processing and comprehensive semantic understanding.
  From function to service,to scene and technology,Sogou input method takes intelligent Wang Zi as the"bridgehead"and iterates three times in three years,exploring a clear path of evolution for the industry.
  Where is the future of AI input method?
  On the other hand,although today's AI input method is very powerful,the experience is getting better and better.However,the end of the evolution of input method products is obviously far from coming.Looking forward to the future,with the continuous evolution of AI technology,the era of interconnection of all things will eventually come,and AI input method must continue to evolve.On the one hand,it needs to meet people's more personalized,diversified and scene experience,on the other hand,it needs to output more service value for the society.
  At present,with the help of intelligent Wang Zi,the service scenario of Sogou input method has developed from the original enabling user expression to meet the communication needs of life and work and improve the expression needs.Now,the enabling industry has been upgraded and implemented in the platform services of various industries to meet the scene needs of users for consumption and life on platforms such as online shopping,social communication and takeout,Finally,help the cooperation platform to improve its operation efficiency.
  In the future,Sogou input method may fully cover both ends of software and hardware,and AI input method will completely transform from communication service tool to"infrastructure of AI industry"and booster of industrial upgrading.While empowering all walks of life,it will also further cover people's life,work,shopping,sports,tourism,health management and other scenes,help people all over the world communicate boundlessly,efficiently and freely anytime and anywhere,improve people's happiness,and release their own commercial value and social value.
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