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Sogou input method to write blessings to the teacher, really sweet

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Note: The hot summer vacation has ended, schools have started a new school year, the annual Teachers' Day is coming. Teachers
 The hot summer vacation has ended, schools have started a new school year, the annual Teachers' Day is coming. Teachers are called "engineers of the soul", serving as diligent "gardeners" for human education and knowledge dissemination. In this special festival, how should we use to send our sincere blessing?
For the teacher who can meet, a bunch of carnations wrapped in gratitude and a greeting card may be all that is needed. But for teachers who cannot send their blessings in person, they may choose to send a blessing email... In fact, in addition to the traditional way of blessing, you can also try to use sogou input method "giant can write" intelligent wang Zai, directly express their feelings of gratitude.
Changeable copywriting and emoticons, holiday wishes have material and meme
In this age of mobile chat and social networking, it's not so hard to text each other in time. The challenge is to be creative and creative. When you don't know how to send what kind of blessing to the teacher, might as well try sogou input method. "To write" smart Wang Zai like reality action for your closest friends, when you enter a keyword in the input box, such as "happy teachers' day", "the teacher happy holidays", "copy" teacher's day, etc., it will open "the AI to help write" mode, do you want to say said not all the blessings of display, or art, or tease than, or antique, or sprout, Then you just need to select the copy that suits you according to your own needs and click send.
If you feel that the blessing of pure text is too monotonous, you can also use the "AI picture" function of intelligent Wang Zai to not only help you to recommend facial expressions, but also edit the keywords you input on the spot to generate facial expressions for your specific needs. Let your blessing not only timely, but also add a lot of fun, so that usually serious teachers receive your blessing, can also smile.
Help to write copywriting circle of friends, timely send more convenient
Maybe some students would like to share this warm moment in their moments after chatting with teachers and sending blessings. Sogou input method has already thought of this point in advance for the students. Open moments, enter "Teacher's Day" in the post language, "smart" intelligent dog can immediately provide you with a lot of practical, but also full of artistic Teacher's Day copywriting. Randomly select a click to publish, I believe will harvest more praise and appreciation.
So convenient and easy to use intelligent wang Zai, sogou input method adhere to many years from the user needs, research and development of good and close to the principle of a little bit of cumulative technology, is to hope that we can use each time, there will be more surprises and good input experience. This teacher's Day, but also for the teacher to send what blessing worried students, quickly download Sogou input method to try it.
(Responsible Editor: Chen Tiqiang _NB6485)
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