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The answer finally came out, Baidu input method and Sogou Pinyin, advantages at a glance

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Note: In China, there are six types of input methods commonly used, but compared to QQ input method and KK Keyboard, Baidu inp
 portant; float: none;">In China, there are six types of input methods commonly used, but compared to QQ input method and KK Keyboard, Baidu input method and Sogou Pinyin are relatively more popular, together with Xunfei known as the current "input method three musketeers. ". However, according to the survey data, the number of people using Xunfei is second to the former two. The battle situation between Baidu input method and Sogou Pinyin is basically the same. However, if we have to find a first place among them, at present, the answer is finally out. Baidu's input method is the only one that is slightly above the Sogou Pinyin, excluding the other four of the six input methods. Why do you say that? In my opinion, the development of baidu input method can not be separated from such two points, one is to use AI empowerment, to enhance the core competitiveness of products, the other is to set a diversified development direction. For the former, the current use of Baidu input method users can experience. For example, in addition to speech recognition accuracy, Baidu input method also supports offline speech recognition, chinese-english free speech, Dialect Mandarin free speech, intelligent prediction, etc. . In addition, in Ai Dou Tu, AR expression, baidu input method content than other input method is more rich. And from speech to handwriting, Baidu input method provides three different types of handwriting in a row, respectively, word, reduplication and ligature. From the actual use of the case, the single-word mode can complete a word-by-word handwriting input, this is suitable for first-time users. If it is a high frequency of handwriting industry, it is recommended to use multi-word or overlap some, input fast while recognizing the speed is also very accurate. And speaking of the Development Direction of diversification, have to say, this is Baidu input method beyond the key factor of competitive goods. From the current layout, Baidu input method than the skin interface Sogou and Xunfei, are creative and a lot of types. Below, we press time node, look at a few changes of Baidu input method together. In 2017, as early as 2017, Baidu IFA introduced Android V7.7 game keyboard, from the past user experience, its biggest feature is to support the game phrase and harmonious conversion. For example, in the King of glory will appear in the "Line of Defense, " the word can be accurately recognized by the floating voice keyboard. September 2019 for any industry, being able to anticipate users'needs is the single most important factor in capturing the market. For example, after apple introduced dark mode in ios 13 last year, Baidu IME was the first brand to make a global adaptation, following ios13's smart dark mode switch to dark skin, giving iPhone users a consistent visual experience. In late 2019, especially to attract more post-90s and post-00s users, Baidu input method in late 2019 on a real-time new innovative Yan Keyboard, compared with the traditional input interface, the flexibility of its free creation is higher. Dynamic character elements, favorite phrases, sentences, or pictures of famous people, as well as learning test vocabulary words, can be integrated into the input interface, these various input experiences, it is Baidu input method beyond the other method of one of the magic weapon. In the first half of 2020 and again this year, smartphones have started a motor shaking war, with brands increasingly focusing on the user's fingertip experience and input as a necessary tool for human computer interaction, at this point is no doubt to the input law industry brought business opportunities. It is also based on such a demand, Baidu input method and Logitech G, ROG player countries, Hyper x, the U. S. four major pirates ship keyboard manufacturers, in the first half of this year the first streamer of the industry keyboard. It can display a variety of 16.8 million true color streamer effects, including colorful tide, full color absorption, true color wave, new color raindrop four cool effects, so that users as if in real RGB mechanical keyboard typing, further promoted everybody to the Baidu input method favorable impression. In September 2020, in order to maintain the rhythm of innovation, in recent times, Baidu input method has brought the original licensing of the game keyboard, it and Sword 3, King of Glory, Mini World, twin vision, cloud clothes and feathers and The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6 hand game IP cooperation, the industry exclusively launched 26 different styles of game style interface. Not only that, users can also customize the DIY interface to their liking, with flexibility similar to the YAN keyboard. The author experienced the mini-world-style keyboard in the input method this time. As can be seen from the above input interface, the whole input interface adopts the unique architectural style of the mini-world as the background color, and the characters in the interface set the animation effect, which allows the author in the use of the process, feel the vivid picture. In addition, the author also carried on the experience to the DIY design part, selects the Baidu input method APP main interface the custom option, through searches "the League of Legends" , may find the favorite personas. And in the setting interface, you can cut according to the needs of the picture, filter and special effects settings, the final effect as shown in step 4, just a few seconds, you can create their own aesthetic requirements of the input interface. Overall, both Sogou Pinyin and Baidu's output methods are excellent, with the best voice recognition accuracy in the industry, but the latter also focuses more on the user's visual enjoyment and taste of the input interface than the former. No matter it is Yan keyboard, machine keyboard or now the game keyboard that the edition authorization rolls out, all brought user unprecedented input fluent feeling. If you also want to improve their input experience, Baidu input method can try. Of course, if you think Baidu input method follow-up what suggestions for improvement, also welcome everyone in the comments area.
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