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The most popular Sogou Pinyin among students, it's better to look good and write well!

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Note: With the development of science and technology, the smart phone has become an irreplaceable partner in people's wor
 portant; float: none;">With the development of science and technology, the smart phone has become an irreplaceable "partner" in people's work and life. We use our cell phones to chat with distant family and friends, surf the Internet for the latest information, and have fun to kill time... The thing we fear most when we go out is no longer having no money, but having no power on our cell phones. As the mobile phone becomes more and more important in our life, how to choose a convenient and easy-to-use input method has become a problem that many people care about. After all, the mobile phone input method is arguably the most important tool in human-computer interaction, affects our direct experience of using a mobile phone. The Student Party has always been a trendsetter in the times, when they choose the input method will not only require "easy to write" , but also pay attention to "good-looking. ". The mobile phone input method used by the choosy student party members to plant grass is bound to have its merits. According to a recent report by the MOB Research Institute on the 2020 China Third Party input industry insight, the most popular mobile input method for young people is the familiar Sogou Pinyin. With more than 480 million users, Sogou Pinyin is the largest third party input method in the market, and its primary users are young people born in the 1990s, according to the report. Unexpectedly, as the industry "big brother" Sogou Pinyin, not only the early accumulation of loyal fans, in the face of a new generation of young people unexpectedly also charming. What are the bright spots of Sogou Pinyin compared to other input methods on the market? First of all, Sogou Pinyin can provide users with a variety of personalized services. Compared with other input method, sogou's service has been very thoughtful, to meet the user's personalized needs. The SOGOU Pinyin, for example, customizes the toolbar to allow the user to freely configure various entries on the Bar, allowing us to customize it to our own preferences. In addition, there are personalized speech recognition, custom phrases that can reduce repetitive tasks, and speech input functions for up to 10 dialects and nine foreign languages, to ensure that users enjoy the exclusive flow of input experience. Second, Sogou Pinyin can provide users with a wide range of chat "tips" . SOGOU'S AI features closely match users'functional preferences for Input Methods: based on the continuous development of AI technology, Sogou Pinyin has introduced AI voice translation, AI voice changes, AI intelligent comments and other features loved by users. In August 2019, Sogou Pinyin introduced the industry's first AI assistant, "intelligent Wang" , to integrate various functions. Just touch Wang's cute little head and he can give us advice on how to chat in a variety of situations. Chat is made easier and more fun with icons, help you chat, fun send, and word for word collation. Finally, Sogou Pinyin offers a variety of customized skins. Interesting Soul in a million, beautiful input method skin is the same. Sogou Pinyin not only has a variety of themed skins to choose from, it also allows users to customize their own. After downloading and opening the Sogou Pinyin, we were able to click on a custom skin as like a skin, and then adjust the "billion" dots of detail, you can customize your own skin to your liking, especially for starstruck girls, which is a hidden bonus: You can change your skin at any time, even if it's on the top ten million of the wall. Back to the previous report, in the satisfaction survey, the Sogou Pinyin was rated by the majority of users as "amazing speed of response" , "since then Lenovo feature rich" , "surprising" . It's no surprise, then, that the good looking, easy to use Sogou Pinyin has attracted a lot of young users and a lot of rabid student planters.
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