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The 2020 Huawei developer competition ended with Sogou Pinyin winning the silver medal in the hybrid

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Note:     Recently,the final of the Huawei Developer Competition 2020 Autumn Competition was held at the Songshan Lake bas
  Recently,the final of the Huawei Developer Competition 2020 Autumn Competition was held at the Songshan Lake base of Huawei.The SOGOU Pinyin Linux Enterprise Edition finally won the Silver Award of the"hybrid cloud application innovation competition".As an important event of Huawei Cloud Platform,the Huawei developer competition encourages developers to learn from each other based on the open capability of Huawei ICT and platform services under the premise of sharing development and application practice,resources and business opportunities,it's a healthy competition between top developers.This time,the Sogou Pinyin entered the final with a new Linux version input method,and took advantage of the consistency between the Linux version input method and the Windows input experience,based on the latest cross platform input method architecture,strong voice,handwriting,Foreign Language Input Capabilities and innovative cloud service set-up capabilities,among many competitors,won the silver medal in the hybrid cloud application innovation contest.In terms of basic input capabilities,the Sogou Pinyin Linux version,in addition to Chinese and English input,has achieved the first in the PC input method to switch directly to other small languages keyboard(French,Portuguese has been implemented),a convenient operation,it supports handwriting input in up to 25 languages and speech input in 9 foreign languages.It also redevelops and optimizes the five-stroke input mode,combining pinyin input method with five-stroke input method,it's also heavily customized for Linux features,which makes the experience more complete and seamless.It meets the multi-faceted needs of enterprise users under the different input habits and language environment.Function customization,information security,service efficiency and platform unification are the core services of Sogou Pinyin,which upgrades the existing functions through the existing cloud service capability,achieving more efficient and reliable input is also one of the highlights of the Sogou Pinyin competition.By deploying a private cloud to Huawei,SOGOU PINYIN can help companies in their local and intranet office environments with cloud storage,cloud input,and online voice assistants,making it easier for companies to download customized data for their needs,effectively enhance the security of data,update the timeliness,management convenience,input accuracy and implementation success rate,greatly enhance the actual management efficiency and user experience.With the rapid development of intelligent information technology,the SOGOU PINYIN has received the historic development opportunity in the field of information innovation with its strong technical strength and many years'experience.Under the general trend of Xinchuang Development,SOGOU has established a leading position in the Party and government Xinchuang field and eight major industries,and has completed cooperation with a number of Xinchuang head enterprises.Sogou,Huawei's cloud ECO partner,has been working closely on the basis of technical exchanges and win win cooperation,and this award winning enterprise edition of Sogou Pinyin is supported by Huawei's cloud Hybrid&Desktop Cloud Platform,the practice of the new digital office ecology provides more solutions for the development of industry applications and the customization and privatization of enterprises.The outstanding performance in the competition made it known to the outside world that in addition to the excellent basic software service capabilities and the huge user base,Sogou Pinyin has made technological breakthroughs and service innovations in the field of innovation.
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