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You can type by turning your eyes! Upgrading this input method to eye movement input will increase e

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Note: On June 15th, at the 4th Technology Accessibility Development Conference (TADC), Tencent Sogou Input Method and Shenzhen
 On June 15th, at the 4th Technology Accessibility Development Conference (TADC), Tencent Sogou Input Method and Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association jointly released the "Crowdsong Accessibility Input White Paper", which is the first research report in the industry to focus on the topic of "Accessibility Input" and also an important landing project of the "Crowdsong Accessibility Input Public Welfare Plan. based on user interviews, research and analysis, the white paper comprehensively presents the input needs of Visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, and elderly people in the medical and health, work and study, social entertainment and other scenarios, providing reference for the industry's input method product barrier free optimization and adaptation and standard formulation. On the same day, Tencent Sogou Input Method officially launched an upgraded solution for eye movement input and visually impaired input, collaborating with Qixin Yiwei, Logitech, Sunshine Reading Screen, Zhengdu Reading Screen, NVDA Chinese Network, and Shanghai Youren Public Welfare Foundation to jointly assist the input and expression of disabled groups in the digital world.
The TADC Conference is hosted by the Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association, discussing opportunities and challenges in the current accessibility field from industry development, technological innovation, achievement sharing, trend discussion, and other aspects. Lv Shiming, Vice President of the China Disabled Persons'Federation, attended and delivered a speech, introducing the latest progress and achievements in the construction of the domestic information Accessibility, and fully affirming the inestimable value and effectiveness of science and technology in promoting the construction of the Accessibility. Institutional representatives from the China Disabled Persons'Federation, UNESCO, China Association for the Blind, China Information and Communication Research Institute, as well as representatives of science and technology enterprises, accessibility experts and scholars gathered at the scene to discuss innovative and diversified accessibility solutions.
At the meeting, Lu Jian, the General Manager of Tencent's Input Method Department, elaborated on the research and development concept of accessible input products from the dimensions of coverage for people with disabilities, optimization accuracy of functional experience, and depth of development link cooperation. He said, Providing accessible products and services to disabled and elderly groups is a long-term concern of Tencent Sogou Input Method. By deeply exploring the needs of disabled groups, optimizing and innovating products and opening up technology, we aim to promote the use of accessible inputs in different scenarios. In the future, we hope to connect more social forces, help standardize and standardize accessible inputs, continuously explore new paths to bridge the digital divide, and strive to achieve the goal of everyone Inputtable, allowing disadvantaged groups to enjoy the convenience brought by technology more equally
The upgraded solution for accessible input was also launched on the same day. The upgraded version of eye movement input is jointly developed by Sogou Input Method and Qixin Yiwei, a manufacturer of eye control communication aids. It adds a pinyin string retrieval method, which allows users with disabilities to quickly complete the "initial vowel word selection" process through eye rotation and staring at the computer. The input efficiency is increased by 50% compared to the previous version. On the basis of fully adapting screen reading software on the mobile end, the upgraded version of visually impaired input has achieved full process adaptation between the PC end and 90% of the screen reading software on the market. In response to the difficulties faced by visually impaired individuals in using desktop applications, such as inconvenience in operation and incompatibility with assistive software, Tencent Sogou Input Method has also collaborated with mainstream screen reading software manufacturers such as Sunshine Screen Reading and Qiedu Screen Reading to jointly launch the "Windows Application Accessibility Development Guide"
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