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Tencent Launches "Sogou Input Method Hongmeng Edition"

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Note: At the signing ceremony of Huawei's 2022 HDC Hongmeng Ecological Strategic Cooperation, Tencent Vice President Xi Xiaohu
 At the signing ceremony of Huawei's 2022 HDC Hongmeng Ecological Strategic Cooperation, Tencent Vice President Xi Xiaohu signed a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei Executive Director, Terminal BG CEO, and Smart Car Solution BU CEO Yu Chengdong, announcing the establishment of a partnership between Tencent Sogou Input Method and Huawei. Tencent Sogou Input Method will develop the Hongmeng version of Sogou Input Method based on the HarmonyOS framework based on OpenHarmony, creating a full scenario input application and bringing innovative input experience.
HarmonyOS is a full scene Distributed operating system launched by Huawei. The same system is adapted to multiple intelligent terminals, and the number of devices carried has reached 320 million. According to the cooperation content, Sogou Input Method Hongmeng Edition has rich vocabulary resources, diverse input methods, AI technology and other characteristics. It will fully support smart devices such as smartphones, personal computers, smart wearables, and smart appliances under HarmonyOS, providing users with input services in diverse input scenarios such as smart cars, smart education, fitness and entertainment. Sogou Input Method Hongmeng Edition will also innovate and optimize HarmonyOS's distributed architecture, full scene linkage, and other features to achieve the effect of developing multiple end deployments at once, significantly reducing the adaptation threshold and cost of input applications for other partners in the Hongmeng ecosystem.
IT Home learned that Sogou Input Method Hongmeng Edition is an input application developed based on OpenHarmony technology. Under the framework of HarmonyOS, Tencent Sogou input method has developed the basic input function of Virtual keyboard and adapted some devices. The input mode supports the selection and switching of pinyin 9 key, pinyin full key, English full key and five stroke keyboards.
Currently, Tencent Sogou's input method covers system platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, HarmonyOS, and Linux.
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