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Tencent Sogou Input Method Pioneers "Tactile Input" Solution Recently Released

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Note: Tencent recently announced that it has signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Disabled Volunteers Associatio
 Tencent recently announced that it has signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Disabled Volunteers Association, China Blind Association, China Deaf Association and other public welfare organizations under the China Disabled Persons' Federation. In the next five years, the two sides will jointly explore the innovation of barrier free products and services, promote the concept of Accessibility, pool social consensus and strength, and promote the high-quality development of China's barrier free cause, The two sides will be among the first to promote "the establishment of a barrier free joint innovation laboratory, the construction of a national barrier free cloud pavilion, the introduction of electronic two-dimensional codes for disabled people, and help Tencent Shenzhen Qianhai New Headquarters build a national first-class Accessibility base".
It is worth mentioning that in this event, Tencent's multiple product and technical teams also demonstrated the latest achievements in the field of information accessibility. Among them, Lu Jian, the general manager of Tencent's input method department, released the Sogou input method "tactile input" solution for the first time to the public.
It is understood that this solution is the first to create a differentiated vibration method based on buttons. By adding special vibration effects to anchor characters on the keyboard (such as E, S, C, etc.), it is convenient for visually impaired users to quickly recognize the content of the characters they touch in noisy environments and other scenarios, even if they do not completely rely on voice screen reading, achieving smoother and more three-dimensional input interaction.
It is reported that this tactile feedback technology is developed by Tencent Game CROS MTGPA (Terminal Technology Optimization Project), which can use different vibration duration, frequency, and intensity combinations of terminal devices to transmit differentiated information. Tencent stated that as an example of cross-border application of gaming technology, the combination of tactile feedback and accessible input scenarios effectively solves the problems of visually impaired users such as incomplete information acquisition, inconvenient device interaction, and personal privacy leakage. At the same time, it improves input efficiency by 20%, making visually impaired users more comfortable in their work and social interactions in the digital world.
Regarding this, Lu Jian stated that "Sogou Input Method has always attached great importance to and actively invested in information accessibility construction, committed to tailoring high-quality input experiences for different specific groups. The tactile input released this time aims to help visually impaired people input smoothly and lower the threshold for employment and social interaction in the digital world.
In fact, Sogou Input Method has always attached great importance and actively invested in the construction of information accessibility. Since 2015, Tencent Sogou Input Method has successively launched a series of accessible input solutions, including visually impaired input, Diandian input, senior input, eye movement input, voice text interaction, etc., fully covering the visually impaired, hearing impaired, disabled and elderly groups.
Previously, in January 2022, under the guidance of the China Disabled Assistance Center directly under the China Disabled Persons'Federation, Sogou input method also launched the "Zhongsheng" public welfare program for barrier free input, building a Open platform and opening barrier free input solutions to the industry. Since its release, this plan has provided solution support to multiple partners such as TobiDynavox Heard Technology, Qixin Yiwei, and Baoyi Interactive.
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