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SOGOU PINYIN: 0 Second Response, perfect for all kinds of full, curved screens

   Release date: 2020-10-26     Hits: 91    Comment: 0    
Note: As the country's largest mobile phone input method, Sogou Pinyin users have passed 484 million. The SOGOU Pinyin recentl
 portant; float: none;">As the country's largest mobile phone input method, Sogou Pinyin users have passed 484 million. The SOGOU Pinyin recently updated to version 10.16, an overhaul of the android keyboard and APP's visual interface. After the upgrade, the overall style of the keyboard feel more refreshing, intelligent. For Keyboard Color, style, graphics and font elements of optimization, so that the typing operation more focused, the keyboard as a whole looks clearer and more comfortable, so that the visually impaired can enjoy the ultimate input experience. Meanwhile, to reduce the 26 key mistouch rate and bring about a more comfortable typing experience, Sogou Pinyin has also optimized the keyboard height and key block ratio several times through real input simulation experiments and user satisfaction surveys, the common key points are placed in a more comfortable range between the fingertips and the finger pulp, effectively reducing the finger movement distance and the edge of the contact error rate. In addition, the new version of the keyboard corresponding speed has also been synchronized to achieve close to 0-second response. And take the lead in all kinds of comprehensive, curved screen model to achieve perfect fit, so that different types of mobile phone users can feel simple, smooth visual and interactive experience. Functional aspect, the new version also brand-new on-line exclusive "Ai Association" function. With this feature, the user can get a Sogou Pinyin recommendation based on what has been sent. For example, when a user types "are you free tonight" , the SOGOU Pinyin automatically displays conversations such as "let's go out to dinner, " "let's go out to dinner, " and "let's go to a movie. ". When the user arbitrarily click on the candidate content and sent out, the keyboard will continue to recommend the content and has been closely linked to the subsequent chat statements.
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