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The SOGOU Pinyin 10.16 upgrade officially marks the beginning of the era of AI writing assistants

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Note: September 2nd. Recently, the Sogou Pinyin updated to 10.16 version, the new launch of the exclusive Ai Lenovo funct
 portant; float: none;">September 2nd. Recently, the Sogou Pinyin updated to 10.16 version, the new launch of the exclusive "Ai Lenovo" function. With this feature, users can get Sogou Pinyin recommendations based on what they've sent, keep the conversation moving, and make the chat screen more efficient. It is understood that, this follows the launch of the "Ai Writing Assistant" in July this year, which includes five functions, namely e-commerce evaluation and help writing, friend circle text help writing, chat facial expression recommendation and long sentence intelligent completion, intelligent clip-and-paste translation, and real-time recording and writing. The "Ai Writing Assistant" will be Sogou Pinyin, another innovative capability that was introduced to it. In addition, the new android version of the SOGOU Pinyin keyboard and client visual interface also ushered in a new version, AI features and visual sense of the multi-faceted upgrade of Sogou Pinyin also declared a full step into the era of Ai Writing Assistant. Ai Association: One key to send more understand you, start chatting eight times faster before, Sogou Pinyin for AI writing assistant equipped with "help you talk" function, that is, in the input words on the basis of a complete complement of long sentences, let the user easily realize chat discourse is not the same, exports will be a chapter of the expression effect, improve efficiency, but also make chat more innovative. Sogou Pinyin 10.16 offers another upgrade to the AI writing assistant. The AI's first-of-its-kind associative function focuses on the natural effects of communication and sentence continuity in real-world situations. By Imitating People's Association thinking and Communication Mechanism, we can identify and analyze the content input by users and develop intelligent judgment and reasoning based on big data learning mechanism, to help users quickly generate diverse, continuous and in line with the input context of the chat text. For example, when a user types "are you free tonight" , the SOGOU Pinyin automatically displays conversations such as "let's go out to dinner, " "let's go out to dinner, " and "let's go to a movie. ". When the user arbitrarily click on the candidate content and sent out, the keyboard will continue to recommend the content and has been closely linked to the subsequent chat statements. In addition to social icebreaker, chat screen, self-catharsis and other scenes, Ai Association function in poetry, songs, proverbs and other authority or conventional fixed content association performance. With the help of the Ai Association function, the user has a chat tip kit that allows for more efficient, interesting, and simple input and expression in different scenarios. A new look for the keyboard and APP: Another key part of this update is a complete upgrade of the android keyboard and APP's visual interface. The overall information structure of the APP and the rearrangement of the top and bottom function modules make the use more clear, effectively improve the efficiency of search, more convenient for users to use and cognition. At the same time, it adds visual features of particle flow to the entrance function icon to enhance the overall sense of science and technology. The style of the keyboard as a whole is more refreshing and intelligent. For Keyboard Color, style, graphics and font elements of optimization, so that the typing operation more focused, the keyboard as a whole looks clearer and more comfortable, so that the visually impaired can enjoy the ultimate input experience. In addition to reducing the 26 key mistouch rate and providing a more comfortable typing experience, the Sogou Pinyin also conducted a real input scenario simulation and user satisfaction survey, the height of the keyboard and the proportion of key blocks are optimized many times. The common key points are placed in a more comfortable range between finger tips and finger pulp. In addition, the new version of the keyboard corresponding speed has also been synchronized to achieve close to 0-second response. And take the lead in all kinds of comprehensive, curved screen model to achieve perfect fit, so that different types of mobile phone users can feel simple, smooth visual and interactive experience. It is also seen as an important move by Sogou Pinyin to further upgrade the user experience in the context of the 484 million daily users. Intelligent functions drive efficient life, "Ai Writing Assistant Age" has come nearly two years, the Sogou Pinyin in the field of AI, this is particularly reflected in the "Ai Writing Assistant" on the continuous empowerment. From an AI chat assistant for a single scene, to an AI writing assistant that actively breaks scene dependencies and now implements panorama services, the SOGOU Pinyin, driven by advanced AI technology, already covers a wide range of user needs expressed in situations such as shopping, socializing, chatting, living, working and so on. We can see that its function system is becoming more perfect, its comprehensive ability is mature, and it has stepped into the era of "Ai Writing Assistant" . According to the Sogou Pinyin, the AI writing assistant is not a single function, but rather a centralized representation of the overall ecology and capabilities of the input method, a collection in which fresh elements of collaboration are constantly added, depending on the needs of the user, the upgrade from help you chat to help you write also reflects the improvement of technical service ability. In the future, AI writing assistants will not only provide users with more intelligent and personalized content recommendations and completions, but will also complete more fields of landing, making it easier for users to express and acquire knowledge.
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