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Here comes the WeChat input method. Can other input methods handle it?

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Note: I don't know if you're like Guo Zi. When you first heard about the WeChat keyboard, you thought WeChat had released hard
 I don't know if you're like Guo Zi. When you first heard about the "WeChat keyboard", you thought WeChat had released hardware products again. Upon closer inspection, you realized that WeChat had launched a new input method product.
As early as January 2021, Allen Zhang revealed in the WeChat open class that WeChat was making an input method product, and said that this was not to seize the input method market, but to protect users' privacy.
It was not until September 2022 that the WeChat keyboard was released as a beta version. Three months later, in December, the WeChat keyboard was officially launched.
After renaming it as "WeChat Input Method" this time, it can be considered as entering the "Input Method" category, facing the competition of Sogou Input Method, Baidu Input Method, and iFlytek Input Method.
As a result, Allen Zhang's speech in the 2021 WeChat open class has broken his promise twice.
In addition to WeChat keyboards not seizing the input method market, what is more well-known is that he expressed in his release that he hopes WeChat will maintain the "small and beautiful" product tone.
Nowadays, the size of the iOS version of WeChat installation package has reached 644MB, and its features are extremely cumbersome, making it the app that consumes the most storage space on many users' phones.
However, compared to the name WeChat keyboard, I support renaming it to WeChat input method, as the latter sounds more fluent than the former.
In March of this year, Zhou Ming made a video comparing the differences between WeChat keyboard, Sogou input method, Baidu input method, and iFlytek input method in detail. Interested parties can watch this video.
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