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The best voice input: Baidu input method is not only input method, but also translator!

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Note: With the advent of the 5g period, more and more users have joined the smart Internet. The number of Internet users in Ch
 With the advent of the 5g period, more and more users have joined the smart Internet. The number of Internet users in China has been rising continuously, reaching a record high. According to the relevant statistics, by March 2020, the number of Internet users in China had reached 904 million. The huge number of Internet users also gave birth to the growth of third-party apps, and input method, as a relatively large base app we usually use, ushered in rapid growth.
Some time ago, the special report on environmental trend of China's third party mobile phone input method published by AI media consultation pointed out that as early as 2019, the number of users of input method in China will reach 729 million, and it is estimated that it will reach 746 million in 2020. Among the numerous input methods, Baidu has realized multi lingual mixed input by virtue of AI voice technology accumulated for many years, which can meet the needs of environmental trend. The daily average requirement of Baidu voice input has already exceeded 1 billion times. At the same time, Baidu has also won the honor of high freehand brushwork of 2020 input method, and the share of environmental trend has surpassed Sogou, iFLYTEK and other combined input methods Environmental trends are number one. Where is the advanced input method of Baidu? Let's take a look at the black technology of Baidu input method!
The very simple method is very applicable, and it is more suitable for the elderly to join in with more words
Speech input is not a new thing in the input method, especially for a few older people. After all, with the growth of age, people's organs also follow the old saying, especially the eyes. Da innumerable input methods don't care much about the position of voice keys. Even voice keys are hard to find, let alone voice interface. Baidu input method will be equipped with voice keys to the key area is very large, very eye-catching space bar, usually we only need to press the space bar to enter the voice menu to achieve voice input, such a design is not only reasonable but also very intimate.
I believe that even today, there are still many users who are still weak in common words. They are not standard, others can't understand them, and I'm still worried. A few old people have said their hometown dialect all their lives, and it's very difficult to change. Baidu input method integrates a variety of dialects, whether it is northeast dialect, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect or Cantonese, baidu input method will accurately identify what you say.
Not only input method, but also translator, classical Chinese blessing, more suitable for white-collar workers and word part-time workers
For white-collar or part-time workers who often deal with the keyboard, good input method is very important. Choosing a good input method can not only improve part-time obedience, but also improve our cognition, and Baidu input method has achieved this. Baidu input method has built-in multi speech translation and Chinese translation of classical Chinese, which greatly improves the compliance of creators and opens up their brain holes.
Think about it. If our English is not very good when we talk with our foreign friends, baidu input method can act as our translator. We just need to talk with our usual speech as usual, and then output it in the form of "Chinese to English" in the voice input of Baidu input method. What we want to say can be translated into English, which is time-saving and labor-saving The tension is that they don't know what your English level is.
In addition, baidu input method is really evangelical for a few conference recorders and students. In the past, meeting minutes required recorders to have a smart brain and fast hand speed. The long text voice input supported by Baidu is comparable to an advanced conference recorder. There is no doubt about recording a meeting in a long time. As long as your mobile phone keeps enough power, you want to say it Talk as long as you can.
Voice error correction, refuse manual, you can not expect Baidu input method
Every user who uses voice input will be puzzled by a question, that is, occasionally, we need to click through the text of voice input, but the voice input is a little difficult at this time, we can only do it through manual adjustment. Although manual point shifting is not a big deal, it has also violated the original intention of voice input.
Baidu input method opens up a new chapter to cut the new voice command effect, the real role of the voice input is not to do with the mouth. When we find that there is a mistake in my sentence, we just need to voice call: small degree small degree, change XX into XX, small degree small degree, delete XX, small degree,..., all kinds of punctuation instructions are published. Baidu input method will naturally rectify the wrong words and sentences we want to punctuate.
The very new version of Baidu input method also supports offline voice, even if we are not in a good network environment, there will not be completely unable to apply the environment. Turn on the light tone identification function, even if it is dark Baidu input method can still clearly identify perfect input
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