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Tencent Sogou Input Method Launches Tactile Input to Improve Typing Efficiency by 20% for Visually I

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Note: On July 5th, according to the official announcement of Tencent Sogou Input Method, it has released a tactile input solut
 On July 5th, according to the official announcement of Tencent Sogou Input Method, it has released a "tactile input" solution for Sogou Input Method.
According to the introduction, this solution pioneered a differentiated vibration method based on buttons. By adding special vibration effects to the anchor characters on the keyboard (such as E, S, C, etc.), it is convenient for visually impaired users to input in noisy environments without relying solely on voice screen reading, and can quickly recognize the content of the touched characters, achieving smoother and more three-dimensional input interaction.
According to Tencent Sogou Input Method, as a cross-border application example of gaming technology, the combination of tactile feedback and accessible input scenarios effectively solves the problems of visually impaired users such as incomplete information acquisition, inconvenient device interaction, and personal privacy leakage. At the same time, it improves input efficiency by 20%, making visually impaired users more comfortable in working and socializing in the digital world.
It is worth noting that since 2015, Tencent Sogou Input Method has launched a series of accessible input solutions, including visually impaired input, Diandian input, senior input, eye movement input, voice text conversion, etc., comprehensively covering the visually impaired, hearing impaired, disabled and elderly groups.
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