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Sogou input method online AI Writing Assistant: one second help writing, save effort and worry

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Note: With the development of Internet and social media, more and more scenes need to be expressed in words. Such as shopping
 With the development of Internet and social media, more and more scenes need to be expressed in words. Such as shopping write praise, micro blog grab "sofa", friends circle Hair dynamic and so on. However, not everyone has the ability to write a good review, send a satisfactory micro blog and circle of friends.
Recently, Sogou input method has been updated to version 10.13. The new input method has five functions: AI shopping evaluation assistant, AI comment assistant, AI friend circle writing assistant, AI chat assistant and AI clipboard. The five major functions of the launch are based on AI technology, which can help users to achieve efficient, interesting and simple input and expression in various scenarios such as shopping, chatting and social networking.
AI writing assistant is newly launched, making it easier to write good reviews, play microblog and send friends
The new version of Sogou input method is aimed at the scene that users are difficult to write evaluation quickly after shopping on e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Taobao and pinduoduo. It introduces the AI shopping evaluation assistant function, which can intelligently associate evaluation with a small amount of evaluation content input by users, so as to help users quickly generate different, diversified and evaluation contents in line with user input context. For example, after purchasing a garment, the user only needs to input "clothes" to automatically generate "the clothes are of good quality, fine workmanship, standard size, comfortable and satisfied to wear." If you are not satisfied with this sentence, you can switch to another intelligent evaluation with one key. This not only saves time for people to write reviews, but also significantly improves people's shopping efficiency.
For the scene requirements of users to quickly write excellent comments on Weibo, the new version of Sogou input method also introduces AI comment assistant function. For example, when users comment on "how handsome", the system will automatically jump out, such as "so handsome, you are clean and clean, no story, a handsome word runs through life!" Make complaints about the "Rainbow fart" content; when users are tucking in the comment area, if the input is "ha ha", the system will automatically recognize the context and make complaints about "huh, the other side does not want to talk to you, and turn a blind eye".
In view of the scene needs of users to write good copywriting in wechat circle of friends, Sogou input method has launched AI circle of friends writing assistant, which can intelligently identify users' wechat friend circle environment, and intelligently generate rich and matching sentences with rich corpus content by using AI. These sentences include chicken soup, jokes, positive energy quotations, etc., which can directly solve the problems of users' circle of friends that are difficult to write and lack of good copywriting, help users create content efficiently and quickly in the circle of friends, and improve the social efficiency of users.
In addition, the new version of Sogou input method also upgrades the AI clipping version function for the commonly used clipping input scenarios of users in their daily life and work. Sogou translation specially customizes the translation model for oral chat scenes, realizes the real-time translation on the mobile terminal, and Sogou search technology adds a number of practical functions such as checking express delivery and dictionary, so that users can use the Sogou input method conveniently Jiedi inquires the progress of express delivery, inquires the pronunciation and interpretation of rare words, and connects with wechat group quickly, so as to comprehensively improve the work and life efficiency of users.
AI power, the whole scene input expression is simpler and more efficient
From AI shopping evaluation assistant to AI comment assistant, to AI friend circle assistant and AI clipboard, as well as AI chat assistant function which can help users with "one click to fight graph", the five AI writing assistant functions introduced in the new version of Sogou input method 10.13 not only meet the user's high-efficiency input requirements in shopping, social networking, chatting, life, work and other scenarios, but also enable text expression and social interaction Media writing is no longer a difficult task. It further improves the expression efficiency of users and improves the input experience of people using Sogou input method. And behind all of this is the blessing of Sogou's leading AI technology. It can be predicted that with the further development and application of AI technology, people's input and expression experience in full scene will be improved in all aspects in the future
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