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So use Sogou input method, away from inefficient work!

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Note: Input method is an essential tool for us to surf the Internet. Today's input methods are becoming more and more function
 Input method is an essential tool for us to surf the Internet. Today's input methods are becoming more and more functional and intelligent. Although the Sogou input method, as we know it, was launched in 2006, it is still the third-party input method with the largest number of users, the highest activity and the most popular input method even now.
According to the business "2020 China third party input method industry insight" released by mob Research Institute, since 2016, Sogou input method has focused on the layout of AI functions to create personalized services for thousands of people and thousands of aspects for users, achieving an excellent result of overall satisfaction of about 70%, ranking first in the market share.
The main reasons why users choose Sogou input method firmly include: first mover advantage by entering the input method industry, long-term accumulation of word-of-mouth cognition, and enrichment of huge thesaurus, as well as these five highly effective operations deeply rooted in the hearts of the people
1. God with pictures and interest sending
For the patients with "social phobia", online chatting especially tests their communication ability: they can't know each other's reaction and how to accurately convey some of their emotions across an electronic screen. They may still be "embarrassed on the spot" when chatting. Therefore, in order to mobilize the atmosphere, ease the embarrassment or convey the meaning beyond the language, many people often choose to use the expression bag. Because of its dual expression of pictures and words, the expression pack often makes the chat more relaxed and interesting.
In order to let you fight not to ask for help, expression chat for you. Sogou input method specially designed a function called "Ai God matching map". No matter what content is input, touch Wang Zai's head to enter the "God matching map", and you can immediately get the latest expression materials of related topics, and every sentence can be turned into an expression pack. When chatting, enable "expression pack combo" to make expression more interesting.
If you are a person with strong desire to express, Wang Zai can also make your expression "fast and good", and use the "interest sending" function, so that you can dominate the screen control field when chatting online. "Fun send" function - it contains special text deformation functions such as "send three times", "echo", "roar" and "S-shape". Whether you want to emphasize some information or make your notice more eye-catching, these functions can let users quickly control the whole scene. With Wang Zai's "help you chat" function together, you can have a "Wang" communication fun.
2. AI recording assistant
Recording is the most common scene in the learning or working process of workplace people, students, journalists, teachers and other groups. However, before, users mainly rely on recording pen or mobile phone recording software to record the voice and text. The whole recording process often needs to be in two or three product rooms Switching, the efficiency is very low. In view of this pain point, recently, Sogou input method has launched an AI recording assistant that integrates recording and transcribing. It can save more time and mind whether it is the meeting recording work of the workplace or the students' taking notes in class.
The new version of AI recording assistant supports real-time recording in app, supports recording to text conversion of nine foreign languages such as English, Japan, South Korea, and 10 Chinese dialects such as Guangdong, Sichuan and Guizhou, as well as external audio import and transfer. If you want to experience AI recording assistant immediately, just open the latest version of Sogou input method, find AI recording assistant in "my" column, click record, click save after recording, and then you can transcribe the text. Recording and transcribing can be completed in one go, so that every workplace person, student and teacher who needs the recording text version can easily achieve an efficient recording of one hour and five minutes of data collation Test.
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