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When the market has entered a mature stage, why does Sogou input method attract young people after 9

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Note: First of all, from the input method of mobile phone to the input method of mobile phone, it has become a very important
 First of all, from the input method of mobile phone to the input method of mobile phone, it has become a very important process. Now input methods are becoming more powerful and intelligent. What is the market environment like now? Recently, mob Research Institute released the "2020 China's third party input method industry insight" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") to comprehensively sort out the context of the input method industry since this year.
At present, China's third-party input industry has entered a mature development period. The overall active user scale of the industry has exceeded 700 million, and the installation and application rate has exceeded 80%. Among them, the scale of voice input users is as high as 250 million. At the same time, the report shows that the entry of Internet players has accelerated the development of the third-party input method industry, and Sogou, iFLYTEK and Baidu have formed a market terrain dominated by oligarchs. Baidu uses "full sensory input" to make the input method more fun. IFLYTEK selects the market to sink. Sogou, as the "big brother" of the industry, enters the input method industry very early to gain the upper hand. It focuses on the structure of AI function and creates thousands of personality services for users. It has reached an advanced score of about 70% of overall satisfaction, ranking first in the market share rate.
Sogou input method started early, stable position and many users.
According to the report, the current number of users of Sogou input method is as high as 380 million, and young people born after 95 are its important users, and they are the third-party input method with the first market share. Back in 2007, Google Pinyin input method made a public apology for plagiarizing Sogou input method thesaurus, which made Sogou input method claim noisy. In just two years, Sogou input method developed rapidly and captured the love of more than 100 million netizens. According to iResearch's data in 2009, Sogou input method has been a very common input method for Chinese users at that time. On the PC side, Sogou input method has a penetration rate of nearly 80%.
Sogou input method takes the lead in deep cultivation in China, which makes it gain a huge user base and a good reputation. This first mover has been popular for a long time. During the intelligent period, Sogou input method is as shining as ever. A good user base is that Sogou input method has a broader future. According to the data of the report, the monthly installation of Sogou input method should be prior to Baidu input method, and the user retention rate will exceed 70% after a month
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