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More than 30 dialects foreign language recognition translation iFLYTEK input method AI voice innovat

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Note: In the tide of artificial intelligence, the mobile phone input method app, which is very commonly used, has been given a
 In the tide of artificial intelligence, the mobile phone input method app, which is very commonly used, has been given a more tense role in the times. IFLYTEK has always been the leader of voice software platform based on artificial intelligence and intelligent voice connection technology innovation and product innovation. Recently, iFLYTEK input method further optimizes the results of universal speech recognition based on the strength of A.I. hard core. It also promotes the implementation of "non stagnant communication" by upgrading the varieties of Chinese and foreign language translation based on the speaker and usage scenarios.
For many people who are not good at English, it is a relatively difficult thing to exchange with foreigners who do not know Chinese: first, draw up common expressions in Chinese, look up foreign language dictionaries and compile sentences; or copy Chinese into translation app for translation, and some partial users translate on the Internet. Then we will investigate whether the translation results are really appropriate, accurate and relatively extravagant.
Mechanical translation based on artificial intelligence (AI) has always been one of the platforms of iFLYTEK. The translation effect of the new iFLYTEK input method has also been updated. Today, it has realized the instant translation of nine languages and Chinese, including English, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, West, France and Germany, which is a very large number of input methods for mutual translation in the market.
At the world Artificial Intelligence Conference (waic) in 2019, iFLYTEK's "new generation of voice translation technology and system" won the 2019 sail Software Award and won the first place in the iwsl2018 end-to-end model track of the international vernacular machine translation competition. IFLYTEK is the exclusive provider of automatic voice conversion and translation for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
Take the Android version of Korean translation as an example. Open iFLYTEK input method in any input interface, click iFLYTEK to find "quick translation" in the menu panel, click to open the translation object column, and view the selected translation language through the button on the very left. In the case of China and South Korea, input Chinese on the screen Korean; in the case of South Korea and China, input Chinese on the screen in Korean, avoiding the tedious operation of switching the translation app back and forth, and inputting the text and translating the consequences at the same time.
As the saying goes, "ten li different sounds", China's vast territory and abundant resources, North and South differences, different dialects are very characteristic. In the face of the strong need of communication between dialect users and non dialect users, the new iFLYTEK input method supports 23 kinds of dialect speech input, that is, the dialect voice input can be translated into ordinary Chinese characters, so as to deal with the communication stagnation between the two dialects.
For a long time, iFLYTEK input method maintains the style of "big country input method" by virtue of voice input and enhanced voice expansion effect, leaving users with a strong and reliable impression. In fact, it is not only the mutual translation between Chinese and 9 foreign languages, but also the phonetic input of 23 dialects. IFLYTEK input method also has built-in foreign language input and national language input. This series of speech matrix functions are useful to improve the user input experience. Are you sure you don't want to try it?
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