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Goodbye Sogou search, did not expect Tencent into the bureau failed to save the Sogou search

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Note: According to the news of Sanyan Finance on August 12, Sogou Search recently announced that the Sogou search App has been
 According to the news of Sanyan Finance on August 12, Sogou Search recently announced that the Sogou search App has been officially suspended at 23:59 on August 8, 2022, the Sogou search App will not be available later, and the Sogou search engine service can continue to be used on the web side.
The current situation of Sogou
Sogou search
Sogou has had a rough ride since it was acquired by Tencent's Sogou Search last year, which attempted to bounce back in January with a radical revamp of its interface with a new moniker.
So the Sogou search App was renamed Bingo App, but the actual results were far from ideal.
binggo APP
Although the original search engine and novel service of Sogou search App, the removal of information flow on the home page should be a good change. But because of the magic interface, and many users collection of articles lost, the renamed Sogou search App more unpopular.
The final result is that the Sogou search App officially stopped serving at 23:59 on August 8, 2022, and the Sogou search App also stopped serving.
As the content of the open platform "Sogou" is miserable, itself Sogou number in the whole business system of Sogou is not the core project, and Tencent vigorously layout of QQ hotspot, almost in the acquisition of Tencent at the same time, announced to stop operations and services.
Sogou loans money
The same non-core project, the same business scope is covered by wechat Pay, plus Tencent as some of the most sensitive enterprises, immediately followed Sogou issued a suspension announcement.
Sogou map
Sogou map in May 15 this year at 23 officially offline, Sogou map App in Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other mainstream mobile app store all off the shelf, and then enter the original domain name will jump directly to Tencent map.
Sogou Map, formerly known as Tuxing World, was founded in 1999 as China's first Internet mapping service. It was acquired by Sohu in 2005 and renamed Sogou Map. Did not expect this more than 20 years of history of Sogou map so withdrawn from the stage of China's Internet, really a bit sad.
The brilliance of Sogou search
Sogou, as an internal project, was incubated by Sohu on August 03, 2004, which claimed to be the world's first third-generation interactive Chinese search engine.
April 12, 2005, Sogou fusion map line world (Sogou map's predecessor), the first to launch a new search service function map search in China.
In 2010, Google officially withdrew from China. Apart from Baidu, the number of Sogou search users also surged, with the new rate of Sogou preferred users soaring to 41.2% at one time, making Sogou the most growing search engine in that year.
Sogou officially launched image recognition search on August 15, 2011, which is the first in the Chinese field to realize the new function of "image search".
On November 26, 2012, Sogou search released a new personal intelligent voice assistant software "Sogou voice assistant", becoming the first domestic search manufacturer involved in intelligent software.
Tencent invested $448 million in Sogou in September 2013. In April 2014, Sogou Search was founded ten years ago and operated independently for four years. Its revenue has increased twenty times, making it the fastest growing Internet company in China.
In those two years, it can be said that Sogou is the most highlight of the moment, the development and operation of Sogou search ability has been highly affirmed by Tencent. Otherwise, Tencent will certainly not make the strategic decision of "handing over the non-core business that is not good at to partners". It even incorporated Tencent Soso business and related assets into Sogou Search, which is known as the "Sogou model".
After 2014, wechat access Sogou search is the only channel that can search wechat public number.
Old oblique theory
It has to be admitted that, regardless of morality, Baidu is really a worthy opponent in the search field. Over the years, there have been many strong players in the search field, such as Google, Sogou, Bing, What search, Hao search, 360 search, etc., and Baidu has come and gone.
Goodbye, Sogou search! Kind of watched him go up and watched his guests watch his building fall down.
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