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The latest mobile phone input method survey report shows that the Internet of things is a new outlet

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Note: More than a decade ago, from the beginning of intelligent ABC, input method has gradually become an indispensable object
 More than a decade ago, from the beginning of intelligent ABC, input method has gradually become an indispensable object of national automatic computer interaction.
Over the past decade, with the rise of mobile Internet, the wide range of software of portable terminals, and the third-party input method began to develop from object products and Internet products to AI customized IOT products, forming an oligopoly competition style.
Now, China's mobile Internet traffic dividends have been gradually eroded, and each competition channel has entered the battle of "stock environment trend". "2020 China third party input method industry insight report" of mob research institute points out that the third-party input method is the first to bear the brunt of the Internet battle, and the environment tends to be saturated, covering nearly 70% of the mobile terminal equipment of the whole network.
The third-party input method has become a high-frequency software for mobile end-users. In April 2020, its placement application rate is as high as 80%. The overall active user scale of the industry is close to 700 million, and the month on month growth rate fluctuates between plus and minus 10%.
The huge number of users and high-intensity application frequency force the third-party input method industry to continue to innovate, and a series of Xinghui and personalized products have been derived. Among them, the three representative ones are Sogou input method, iFLYTEK input method and Baidu input method.
Sogou, iFLYTEK and Baidu are competing for supremacy, occupying nearly 90% of the users in the third-party input method industry environment. The rest of the long tail platforms have opened up new ways to earn money by typing, or to focus on the national environment, or to focus on the micro business community, to take a deep vertical route to make a living.
At present, the leader of the three oligarchs of input method is still Sogou input method. Among the Internet players, Sogou input method is very early, the environment trend of third-party input method competition is very early, and it takes the lead in cost saving mode to capture the hearts of a large number of users. Its AI strength is slightly inferior to the other two, but it maintains a very high user loyalty in the industry, leading the way.
In contrast, iFLYTEK, as a "science and technology test" battle force which takes "voice input" as its two points to fight against the environment trend of third-party input method, has continuously revolutionized itself in the past ten years. It has grasped both accuracy and new efficiency, and has identified 23 dialects with a recognition rate of 98%. IFLYTEK is the ace player with the same name and reality as the voice input platform.
According to the report, in this stock competition, iFLYTEK, by virtue of continuous innovation, seems to have double prospects compared with the other two.
IFLYTEK's monthly new placement users remain at the order of 34 million, which is significantly ahead of the rest of its customers. The newly added users play an excellent role. However, millions of new users account for less than 1% of the existing installed capacity. The trend of the overall environment may depend on the comparison of preserved users.
In the comparison of saving users, the storage rate of Sogou and iFLYTEK exceeded 70% after a month, which is hard to distinguish. Baidu is slightly inferior to Baidu, which is maintained at about 50%.
In order to promote innovation and vitality, iFLYTEK has taken a different route from Sogou and Baidu to attract the sinking environment and focus on exploring the "generation Z" youth group represented by the Post-00 generation.
"Generation Z" young group's consumption discourse power has been strengthened year by year. IFLYTEK is also focusing on meeting their needs through younger skin, younger marketing activities and customized "generation Z" version.
According to a very new observation, the user's recognition of iFLYTEK is very high, and the overall freehand brushwork is close to 90%, and there is no one in the limelight for a moment. Users generally think that iFLYTEK's voice translation is accurate, time-saving and can handle users' real questions efficiently.
It is not so much that users have achieved iFLYTEK, but iFLYTEK has achieved users.
The environment tends to sink. The third, fourth and fifth tier cities are taken as the main battlefield, and the AI functions that users like very much, such as voice translation, voice changing, intelligent error correction, are taken as the breakthrough point, and the basic human-computer interaction of each terminal equipment is handled for users through deep cultivation of technology.
This can also be the solid secret of iFLYTEK to capture a large number of "generation Z" people and dominate the third-party input method industry competition in the 
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