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"Three Faces" of Sogou AI: To C, Technology, Temperature

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Note: After more than ten years of accumulation and development, Sogou has already built walls and accumulated grains on the r
After more than ten years of accumulation and development, Sogou has already “built walls and accumulated grains” on the road of AI, and has taken the lead in harvesting results in technology and products to achieve a commercial closed loop of “products-scenarios-scale profits”.
For the future, "the ultimate portrayal of artificial intelligence by human beings is always natural language communication like humans". This is the development goal of Sogou artificial intelligence and the future Wang Xiaochuan is looking forward to.
"For nearly a century, some companies have been fortunately, consciously or unconsciously, on the cusp of the technological revolution. once in that position, they can follow the wave smoothly even if they do nothing. The local drifted forward for ten years, or even longer. "
Obviously, even a successful company must take root in the business era in which it lives. AI is no exception.
In recent years, AI companies have circled a lot of land, inserted their own flags in various industries covered by the Internet, and have gradually "snapped" this high-threshold technology into people's real life.
In the meantime, there are noisy companies, confused about where the future of AI is; there are also companies that are still quiet, forming a unique hard core style. Sogou. Its AI route is getting clearer and clearer. From last year ’s translation treasure and translation pen to this year ’s smart recording pen, this is the year Sogou has deeply rooted in intelligent hardware, and it is also a farther and farther down the To C path year.
故事 The story of the era that belongs to it is slowly unfolding.
"Now AI talks a lot, but there are very few companies that To C can do. Most of them are going to To B. We want to show the charm of AI on To C." Recently, Wang Xiaochuan was accepting "" In the interview.
Since the victory of Alpha Dog in 2016, the concept of AI has spread to the whole society. In the meantime, countless companies have stood out, including the Cambrian Period, which provides chips in the upstream of the industrial chain, and Tencent, Ali, Baidu, which provide basic technology application platforms in the middle of the industrial chain, and many companies that provide products and solutions in the downstream of the industrial chain. According to data, 78% of these companies are concentrated in industries such as industry solutions, robotics, enterprise services, and automobiles. To B has become the main path of current AI.
"AI has been applied in many areas, such as security, finance, customer service, medical care, etc., and is mainly concentrated in the 2B market. These industries may not be able to be perceived by C-end users quickly, but they are already affecting the lives of end consumers. "The former director of Intel China Research Institute Wu Gansha once said frankly.
From the enterprise to the user, this is indeed the perception route of AI, but there are always keen people who are good at seeing opportunities.
On the day Alfa Dog achieved the final victory in the man-machine war, a person watched the game throughout and expressed his support for Alfa Dog at the beginning-he is Wang Xiaochuan, a computer science professional and a tech leader He certainly understands the value of AI.
In the end, this value orientation also came to Sogou. Just in 2016, Wang Xiaochuan has repeatedly announced that Sogou has fully implemented its artificial intelligence strategy.
From the summary of the financial report of that year, the mobile phone input method strengthens speech recognition and picture recognition, promotes real-time machine translation technology at the World Internet Conference, and introduces question-and-answer robots on TV programs ... Sogou is internalizing AI at the same time on the one hand On the other hand, they are also taking the To B route more.
The change began after Sogou went public. On November 9, 2017, Sogou was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. "This ringing of the bell is more like a summary of the previous fourteen years, and there will be a longer way to go." Wang Xiaochuan was at the scene Said.
Three months later, this "longer road" gradually emerged. On February 24, 2018, at the 2018 Sogou Partner Conference, it launched new AI products, namely two translation-related hardware, "Sogou Travel Translator" and "Sogou Shorthand Translation Pen". The launch of this product marks the start of Sogou's To C. For Sogou, which has a dominant language, this is an opportunity for it to precipitate its AI technology and seek new ways to monetize.
搜 For Sogou, this is an important turning point in its AI development. In a recent media interview, Wang Xiaochuan admitted that Sogou had been late in AI, and after it went public in 2017, through the optimization of its organizational structure in 2018, Sogou could optimize its products. "If there is no other path target Stress, we move faster. "
I do. In March 2019, Sogou once again released a smart hardware "Sogou AI Voice Pen C1" with the main function of "Record to Text". At the same time, Wang Xiaochuan revealed that two new hardware will continue to be introduced next year.
Sogou AI Recorder
"Let AI technology not only satisfy existing products, but have more opportunities to find new species", this is the core point of Sogou's upgrade. Combining AI and hardware to provide users with AI intelligent products and services such as translation and shorthand. At the moment when the AI ​​mass consumer goods market is still in the early stages of development, To C has added more imagination to Sogou's AI development.
Technology sinking
"The development of the Internet, technology development is the main theme." As Wang Xiaochuan said, the development of the Internet is based on technology-a research and development center was established in 2003, and a search engine was officially released in 2004 ... Sogou gradually grew to be able to compete in the Internet market with giants Wrestling root system.
Later, the input method was released. From technology to product, Sogou completed the second jump. The input method, browser, and search constitute the "three-stage rocket" that propels the development of Sogou, supporting its transition from the PC Internet era to the mobile Internet era and the current intelligent Internet era.
On the one hand, Sogou's AI development concept is closely related to its own business; on the other hand, what supports its AI development is its user data and technical capabilities deposited in its self-search and input methods.
 Since the core idea was proposed in 2012, Sogou's AI development is to develop its own core language AI capabilities around natural interaction and knowledge computing. In this route, Sogou input method and Sogou search are closely related to language, and the information contained in language can be divided into expression and acquisition, which are reflected through natural interaction and knowledge calculation.
Sogou AI's technical layout
用户 In the process of users interacting with Sogou through text, voice, and pictures through input methods and searches, the data and technical capabilities required by Sogou to develop AI have been improved. As China's second largest search and largest input method, it covers enough users and generates enough interactions. For example, the number of single-day voice input calls in Sogou input method this year exceeded 800 million.
At the same time, it has accumulated a certain amount of technology in speech recognition, speech synthesis, and voice change. According to Wang Yingfeng, general manager of the Sogou company's AI interaction division, Sogou collected the voice of Liang Ning, a famous product, and then synthesized it with another narrator's source to simulate her voice. This technology can be applied to dubbing in the future. , Audio payment and other fields.
So Sogou's next step is to sink in technology. In answering the core questions about development in 2020, Wang Xiaochuan said: "The most important thing is to use AI technology to enable user products including search, input methods, and intelligent hardware to develop by leaps and bounds. In essence, AI is driving us The product."
In short, the current and future time is the time for Sogou technology to land. On the one hand, it continues to internalize AI to input methods and search; on the other hand, it continues to develop AI intelligent hardware, "from tools to services."
Among them, especially in the hardware field, Sogou has great expectations. For example, when it comes to two smart hardware products next year, Wang Xiaochuan said, "We think it may subvert the mobile phone."
Judging from the smart recording pen, this is not impossible. According to the data, due to the impact of smartphones, the sales volume of voice recorders has been declining year by year since 2013, and shipments in 2018 have fallen to 5 million units. This year, the recording pen industry is picking up, and the search volume and sales of e-commerce platforms are also increasing. At the same time, it has formed alliances with Sony recording pens and Patriots to reshape the industry.
Of course, this is not its ultimate purpose. Wang Xiaochuan has previously stated that the purpose of making hardware is not to pursue revenue, but to invest these revenues in research and development to improve the service capabilities later. Borrowing products back to users and services is typical of Internet thinking.
A "living body"
Any enterprise is faced with a problem from small to large, how to develop after it grows, there are two basic ways: one is diversification, and the other is specialization. The proposition of specialization and diversification has also made countless enterprises instantly wiped out.
Search, input method, intelligent hardware, the current Sogou seems to be getting wider and wider, for example, from pure Internet products to hardware, from serving SMEs to serving users, the AI ​​path is from To B to To C .
In this regard, Wang Xiaochuan has his own point of view, "A company is a living body, and it should have a clear positioning and mission. Even if you do multiple things, you must also do it around a strategy. If it does not serve a clear strategy Yes, just to avoid risks, then I think the danger is even greater. You want to eat meat and grass, this is no longer the case in this era. "
As he said, the strategic evolution of outstanding companies often revolves closely around a main line, which is the mission and original intention of the company. It also clarifies the boundary of "do something and do nothing" for the development of the enterprise.
Since 2003, Sogou has launched strategic products such as Sogou Search, Sogou Input Method, and Sogou Browser, and has created the "input method-browser-search" three-stage rocket model, becoming the only successful model for industry chasers to break the search ;
In 2013, Sogou introduced Tencent's strategic investment, merged Tencent's Sosou and other businesses, and became the only chaser and disruptor in the mobile search field for three minutes.
In 2016, Sogou adopted "natural interaction + knowledge computing" as its long-term core strategy. It hopes to use language AI as its core, so that products in various forms based on artificial intelligence technology can become users' intelligent assistants in various scenarios, helping users improve their capabilities. Boundaries, improve efficiency, enable AI to empower people, and achieve great results in areas such as speech, images, translation, dialogue, and question and answer.
"It has always been a journey of learning from life." Wang Xiaochuan emphasized in the interview. It can be said that, like life itself, Sogou ’s evolution and growth have never stopped, but in this evolution and evolution, it has its own main line of growth, that is, “making it easier to express and obtain information”, which is also Sogou Give yourself a mission.
When talking about life, Wang Xiaochuan once said, "The meaningful thing is to see what you have, what ability you have, and what the world needs. Sogou has technology, which is the control of information that it has established since the search.
Previously, this connection was unidirectional and monotonous, and people used text to search for and input information. With the development of AI and other technologies, the channels for the expression and acquisition of information have been further opened up, and the forms have become more diverse. For example, the AI ​​host and the recording pen are realized by speech recognition, the former outputs speech, and the latter collects speech.
Whether it is AI-enabled search, input method, or intelligent products with AI to empower individuals, under the same main line, Sogou's life evolution is continuing. "Sogou will have a major outbreak next year, and the original tools will be upgraded to services with temperature." Wang Xiaochuan told the media.
In his opinion, this is Sogou's upgrade over and over again. "The original tools, such as typing tools, will become auxiliary writing assistants, the information search tools will become your question answering assistants, and the recording tools will change. Become your assistant to record information, from a cold tool to a temperature-sensitive service that will think for you. "
Life itself has temperature.
Concluding remarks
In the age of the wheel, cheers and resistance are meaningless. In 2019, "AI" has long passed the stage of storytelling and shouting slogans, but it is time to really move towards real swords and guns. Who can run faster on the road of artificial intelligence? Perhaps it will be the last laugh.
After more than ten years of accumulation and development, Sogou has already “built walls and accumulated grains” on the road of AI, and has taken the lead in harvesting results in technology and products to achieve a commercial closed loop of “products-scenarios-scale profits”.
For the future, "the ultimate portrayal of artificial intelligence by human beings is always natural language communication like humans". This is the development goal of Sogou artificial intelligence and the future Wang Xiaochuan is looking forward to.
The story of belongs to it has just begun.
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