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Sogou input method version 10.0 is released, AI makes input faster and more accurate and smarter

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Note: Recently, Sogou input method ushered in a major product update, officially released version 10.0.As a national inpu
Recently, Sogou input method ushered in a major product update, officially released version 10.0.
As a national input brand that has been in existence for 13 years, the launch of the 10.0 version has a milestone significance for the Sogou input method. In the new version, Sogou input method fully invokes artificial intelligence technology, and has launched eight core functions to further enhance the input experience in a smarter way. It not only introduces new functions such as “AI word-by-word proofreading” and “AI long sentence prediction”. At the same time, it has also upgraded the existing functions of “sliding input” and “smart correction” to show the proper appearance of the input products in the era of artificial intelligence.
Input efficiency in the AI ​​era: 30% faster
Input efficiency has always been a core pain point for input method products. 13 years ago, Sogou input method stood out from the market with subversive input efficiency. In the 10.0 version, Sogou input method increased the input efficiency to a new level in the industry.
In the 10.0 version, Sogou input method introduced two functions of "AI error correction" and "AI slide input" to improve input efficiency. "AI error correction" can present accurate input results in the case of user misoperation. Unlike the past error correction function, after the AI ​​technology is added, the error correction function has a higher fault tolerance rate and a faster result. The "AI Slide Input" allows the user to type in the air without leaving the keyboard. After testing, after using these two functions, the average input speed of the user will be improved by more than 30%, and the effect of the key word flying is truly achieved.
Accuracy of the AI ​​era: even the names of the strangers are lost once
In addition to improving input efficiency, AI technology also surprises users with input accuracy. In version 10.0, Sogou input method "AI personalized speech recognition" function, for each user to establish an independent personalized private vocabulary, and continuously optimized through deep learning technology, whether it is the nickname or nickname of friends and family, say it once It will always be correct, completely eliminating the tedious re-editing.
In addition, the Sogou input method also introduced the "AI name pattern" and "smart English keyboard." "AI Name Name Mode" will automatically provide the name of the person when the name is detected, and the choice is rich, avoiding the mistake of entering the wrong name; "AI English Keyboard" is deeply grasping the pain points of the English word spelling, just enter a few Letters can automatically associate accurate words.
Intelligence in the AI ​​era: a personal assistant input experience
Fully AIized Sogou input method version 10.0, the most outstanding ability is intelligent, users will feel that they have a private input assistant when they use, get a smooth experience of hot knife cutting cream.
For example, the "AI word-by-word proofreading" function automatically detects the typos after the sentence input is completed, gives a corrective solution to prevent errors; the "AI long sentence prediction" function, when the user inputs a few words or a few letters, the AI ​​will Predict the next input result, give the alternative answer in advance, just like a hearty friend to make up the second half of the sentence; In addition, Sogou input method also intimately added the "fast calculator" function, when the user wants to perform simple calculations You don't need to open the calculator, you only need to input it in the input box to get the calculation result, which greatly facilitates the users who often deal with the numbers.
It is not difficult to find that the launch of the 10.0 version means a comprehensive upgrade of the Sogou input method AI. The eight core functions are all around AI technology. This aspect demonstrates the outstanding AI technology ability of Sogou input method, and it also shows the ideal pursuit of the ultimate input experience by the Sogou input method team. Sogou input method is more than just an input tool, it is a real artificial intelligence product.
For the user, the eight core functions of the 10.0 version will be linked to each other to create the input experience that should be in the era of artificial intelligence. With this major version update, the Sogou input method also proves that there is such a broad range of technology in the input box, and there is such a meticulous expression of technical beauty, which will not only subvert the user's input feelings. It will also bring valuable practical reference for many artificial intelligence products.
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