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Ordinary users can also have a private proofreader Sogou input method to launch AI word-by-word proo

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Note:   InFull-time Master,Ye Xiu has a pair of quick and accurate skill,which has won the praise of countless girls.But in
  In"Full-time Master",Ye Xiu has a pair of quick and accurate skill,which has won the praise of countless girls.But in real life,most people are not so smart in their hands,especially when typing.For example,when you are talking to Miss Sister,you would like to type"Do you accompany me?",the result of the small hand shaking output becomes"Do you match me?",the scene is destined very fierce.
  However,this kind of problem is now getting faster and more accurate and smarter AI input.Recently,Sogou input method released the latest version 10.0,in which"AI word-by-word proofreading"and"AI smart error correction"functions can greatly improve user input efficiency and quality.From the actual experience,it not only achieves what you want,but also allows users to say goodbye to typos.
  In the 10.0 version of Sogou input method,AI intelligent error correction has been greatly improved compared with the previous error correction function,and the user can accurately display the input result in the case of misoperation,which greatly saves the previous user modification.Time and effort.For example,many popular train tickets are issued at around 9:00 am.When preparing to take the train ticket home,Miss Sister asks you to remind him to buy on time.At that time,you were holding the handle in one hand and holding the phone in one hand to remind her.One-handed operation of a large-screen mobile phone,the finger can never do which point,often misunderstanding,just put"the train ticket you want to start"into"the good product you want to buy is trapped"and other Martian language.After you delete and change,the train ticket that counts every second has long been sold out.Using the 10.0 version of the Sogou input method,you can correct the one-time error into"the train ticket you want to start",to avoid delaying home due to typing errors.
  AI verbatim proofreading is a new function introduced by Sogou input method based on powerful AI technology.It can automatically check the statements in the input box and give a modification scheme,so that the typos are nowhere to be seen.For example,if you want to send a festive blessing to the teacher on Teacher's Day,you will accidentally call"teacher thank you for your guidance"as"teacher rests your fingertips."In the past,you had to check for typos yourself,and you needed one change,which was slow,tired,and missing.Using AI word-by-word proofreading,you only need to check if the input method has a reminder typo.If there is a reminder,click the change button provided by the Sogou input method in the lower right corner to complete the proofreading and modification,saving time and effort.
  As a leader in the input method industry,Sogou input method is not only a responsibility but also a mission to enhance the user input experience.The introduction of AI intelligent error correction,AI word-by-word proofreading and other functions has improved the accuracy and speed of user input,saving users a lot of typing time and energy,and is an active exploration to enhance user input experience.
  How are you,without Ye Xiu's skillful hands,don't you try?
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