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Sogou Input Method iOS New Edition Online New System Need New Input

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Note: Instant translation: English ancient prose is easier to talk and simpler to express.In the new version of Sogou input me
 Instant translation: English ancient prose is easier to talk and simpler to express.
In the new version of Sogou input method, instant translation is a highlight. When users enter Chinese words, Sogou input method can instantly translate Chinese words into English, in addition, it can also be converted into corresponding ancient poetry. For example, when users choose "beauty" after entering, you can see the corresponding English "beauty" and the idiom "national beauty". This function can not only meet the needs of users with language translation, but also provide a variety of expressions in chat scenes. Even in the popularization of traditional culture, this function has a very effective function.
Deep learning: the input method knows you better than TA.
The new version of Sogou input method will add the Chinese LSTM deep learning language model, so that the input method has deep learning ability and the generalization ability of the language model. The core engine of Sogou input method will use LSTM language model to provide more intelligent candidate ranking results combined with the context information input by users, and achieve scenario awareness. This technology principle sounds very complex, and the actual operation is very convenient, that is, "read" user input text. For example, when the user input "mobile phone screen too liangle", the traditional N metamodel may combine with the above "simple" to give the "cool" as the first choice, while the deep learning language model will take the above into consideration, such as "mobile phone", "screen" and so on. First, the better candidate words are "bright" instead of "cool". Even the most intimate friends can't do that.
Cross platform input: computer typing too tired, mobile phone to help you "say" out.
In the new version of Sogou input method, users can scan the two dimensional code to connect the phone to the computer, input the phone as input medium, or input the OCR (text scanning), and output the text at the computer terminal. The power of this function is that without spending a lot of time typing keyboards, many documents can be directly screened through text scanning, and the work efficiency has been improved linearly.
From the 2007 iPhone to today's iPhone X, Apple has gone through ten years. Sogou input method has a longer growth process than iPhone. From PC to mobile phone, it has carried out numerous iterations over the years. With the comprehensive application of AI technology, the current Sogou input method has changed from an input method to a "A dream". From skin expression pack to instant translation and deep learning, it is not only an input method, but also will become the most intimate life partner of AI. No one can resist the magic of such a product that users think and think about what users want.
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