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History of Input Method Evolution

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Note: Chinese input method from scratch, from difficult to easy, from simple to intelligent, has gone through a relatively lon
 Chinese input method from scratch, from difficult to easy, from simple to intelligent, has gone through a relatively long development process. From this process, we can probably know the history of computer development in China. The main ways of the development of the Chinese character input method can be roughly divided into strokes, Pinyin, five strokes, handwriting, speech and cloud input.
1. Five strokes of Wang Code
The first problem that computers need to solve in China is how to input Chinese characters into the computer. In 1981, the country released the 1981 edition of the word "B 23 - 12 - 80" in 2003. Mr. Wang Yongmin launched an epoch-making five stroke font input method, which not only allows us to input Chinese characters, but also greatly solves the problem of input speed.
At the beginning of 90s, you can see some of the enthusiasm of the input method. You can learn something from daily life. For example, the computer training school that has sprouted everywhere takes the five input method as a key course. You can rely on the proficiency of the five input methods, easily find a good civilian job, or even open a typing club. Thus, we can see how important the five-stroke input method was at that time.
2. Intelligent ABC
The earliest Pinyin input method
In 1991, the emergence of intelligent ABC Chinese character input method, which was launched by the group and cooperation, solved this problem. It is easy to get started as long as it can spell, and has simple associative and memory functions. These features make it very popular with primary users. Especially after Windows built it into one of the default installation input methods of the system, more and more users use it.
3. Sogou Input Method
Excellent Pinyin Cloud Input Method
Sogou input method is a typical representative of cloud input method and one of the best. Sogou input method is a Chinese character input method introduced by Sogou (Sogou) in June 2006. Cloud input method is different from traditional input method. It transforms the Internet into a huge "live" lexicon through search engine technology. Netizens are not only users of thesaurus, but also producers of thesaurus.
4. Input method of HKUST
Pioneer of Voice Input Method
The most prominent advantages of the HKUST's input method are voice input, exclusive dialectal voice input, support for Hakka, Mandarin, Mandarin, Mandarin, Mandarin, Mandarin, Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese, Chinese, English, Chinese and English. Dialect recognition, such as dialect and Shanghai dialect, opens a new era of speech recognition. The world's first "honeycomb" input model, exclusive support for pinyin, handwriting, voice "cloud + end" three-dimensional input engine. The fly input method creates the ultimate input experience.
From intelligent ABC, Wang code five pen, Pinyin, etc., to today's Sogou, pH. Science and technology have been improving, and scientists in different fields have been changing our lives.
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