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Sogou Input Method Best Used Voice Input Method

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Note: When you communicate with WeChat everyday, you can't help feeling headache when you see each other sending a series of v
 When you communicate with WeChat everyday, you can't help feeling headache when you see each other sending a series of voice messages. Perhaps the other party is in an inconvenient situation of typing, but how can the experience of the recipient be guaranteed? In fact, between "voice is disliked" and "typing is inconvenient", voice input as a simple and hands-free input method is setting off a trend among young people.
A few days ago, the 2018 mobile phone input method speech input market research report came out. Research data show that the Sogou input method has 534 million requests for voice input, which is far ahead of the 218 million and the 260 million times of the flight test. It has become the largest voice input application in China. At the same time, voice input is favored by a highly educated and high-income group in second tier cities. 80 after 90 group is a "heavy player" with voice input function, and the frequency of using 11-30 times is 90%.
Unwittingly, it has become the most popular Sogou input method for young people and is rewriting our social habits. Voice input has been widely used in place of voice messages sent directly to human beings.
Sogou input method accounted for more than 7, a number of indicators far ahead.
At present, the scale of Internet users in China has reached 753 million, and the mobile phone input method has become the basic entrance of people's daily information communication. All manufacturers are concerned about the iterative changes of input method in the era of AI.
The report shows that in 2018, the three input methods of Sogou, fly and fly took up 70.9%, 12.6% and 8.3% users respectively. The Sogou input method possessed the absolute market leading edge. It ranked first in the market from many aspects, such as installation rate, voice function utilization rate, registration rate and payment rate.
Why do you use voice input?
From the traditional nine palaces to the more abundant 26 keys, with the user's operating habits, the mode of operation of the input method has been changing. Voice input has become commonplace among the 80 post-90s group who often use the Internet to get information. Among voice input users, the proportion of residents in a second tier city is close to 70%, and the average monthly income of individuals is 8986 yuan, and more than half of the population has higher education level.
Why are so many users willing to use voice input? What's the good thing about it? It is reported that the main reason for voice input to App by mobile phone input method is mainly because of simple operation, uncomplicated use, convenient operation, free hands, high efficiency, high accuracy, high intelligence and so on. By satisfying the user's personalized input habits, the voice function penetrates into all kinds of scenes in life. Sogou input method, with its high utilization rate of voice function as high as 49.3%, has become the "routine operation" of netizens, and has been widely welcomed by users.
In the dialogue, a piece of voice message is called "bomb", which is not only easy to read and understand, but also gives the receiver a great deal of pressure. The voice input function has greatly improved this, and has played an important role in many dialogues' life scenes with efficient transformation level. Data statistics show that Sogou input method has 534 million voice input requests per day, which is the largest voice input application in China. It has gradually changed the habit of sending voice messages to adopt voice input.
As technology gradually enters our side, human-computer dialogue is no longer a fantasy in science fiction movies. According to the report, Sogou Input Method has become the largest voice input application in China. By using interesting voice input experience, it has conquered most users in China. In the process of AI era, from input tools to intelligent partners, input method is undergoing a new upgrade of product model, and Sogou has obviously taken the lead.
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