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Sogou input method new version of the second translation of the artifact, voice input, Japan and Kor

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Note: After voice input has gradually become the mainstream input form and grown rapidly, users'demand for voice input has als
 After voice input has gradually become the mainstream input form and grown rapidly, users'demand for voice input has also been upgrading. As the "national input method", the Sogou input method is also constantly upgrading and upgrading the needs of the public. Therefore, Sogou input method is a new version, which has been optimized in the voice input function and other aspects, so as to bring more smooth input experience to users.
Speech recognition is faster and more accurate. When users use voice input, the first concern is the speed of voice recognition, and then the accuracy of voice recognition. For these two points, Sogou input method has been doing very good voice input. For example, in busy work or driving outdoor situations, Sogou input French voice input can solve the problem of user inconvenience when text input is difficult.
There is more time to free your hands to do what you want, and there is no need to worry about recognition problems in voice input. It's a gospel for pro, voice input that likes chatting and lazy typing. Just move the mouth, no matter how many Sogou input voice input can be accurate and fast identification, all the information will be converted into text, so that you can enjoy the joy of speaking freely when chatting.
New Japanese and Korean language recognition, the second translation of the Sogou input method, the new version not only improves the speed and accuracy of speech recognition, adds two Japanese and Korean language recognition, provides Japanese translation and Chinese Korean translation function. In this way, even if a person walks in the streets of Japan or Korea, he does not have to worry about not being able to speak clearly to the other side, nor about not understanding what the other side is saying. Simply click on the language button in the voice input interface to select the idiot operation, but also let the language recognition switch freely, which picks you want to use for a simple solution.
In addition, the Sogou input method can also serve as a subtitle. It is too tired to chew the raw meat, and open the voice input to choose Japanese translation or Korean translation, easy get to laugh at the plot! Emotional 99 + input in addition to text, how can Emoji expression less fun. Emoji expression in the chat as a small emotional expression, sometimes do not want to reply to the text, do not want to speak, the importance of Emoji expression is self-evident. Therefore, the Sogou input method is on the new version of the online version, adding a new expression. It can make the other party realize that he has chosen the wrong person directly when you are exploded, or it can make you instantly become the C-position in group chat. If you are most afraid of the sudden silence in the chat time, 99 + facial expression brushes the screen for a wave, instantly adjusting the embarrassing atmosphere in the group. The number of facial expressions can be adjusted at will. It can be 99+, or it can be 10. Look at your mood.~
This is only part of the change in the new version of Sogou input method. There are more interesting and interesting updates waiting for you to find.
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