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Sogou Input Method Re-Show Black Technologies Online "Sound Change Function"

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Note: Sogou input method online has a very interesting function - voice change. As long as you choose the voice change functio
 Sogou input method online has a very interesting function - "voice change". As long as you choose the voice change function in the voice input, input what you want to say, and choose a character you like, you can instantly "turn" your voice into the voice of the character. The fidelity of the simulated voice is quite high, and it can almost achieve "false and true". Believe that the person who receives your voice will be "whipped" by these unexpected voices.
When you talk with your girlfriend, imitate the Northeastern dialect for sweet confession, and speak the tender voice of a standard "big ballad". It can be said that the scene is quite "contrasting". When chatting with a boyfriend, you want to sell a sprout, and then you can choose to simulate a beautiful belle like Zhi Ling's sister. Maybe when your message is sent out, My boyfriend is running to you! For example, when you want to make a harmless joke with your "bad friend", you might as well imitate a voice similar to the voice of Star Master. You can bring a joyous atmosphere of laughter and joy as soon as you open your mouth, and let everyone laugh in your voice after "changing voice".
—— Every time you want your voice to stop being normal in your life, you can use Sogou Input's "mute function".
At present, Sogou input method has prepared nearly twenty kinds of voice across the Internet industry, star class, anime category and other categories. The role set from Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, star ye, to crayon little new, piggy page and so on different identity, age, gender, and even different "dimension" role, users can freely transform seamless links and reconcile in these roles. Friends together, play a simulated voice of the "changing Cafe show". Besides fixed characters and characters, Sogou input method also provides basic voice such as uncle, loli, Gong Zi Yin and Yu Jie Yin. It can integrate some user's personal style on the characteristics of the characters and play very flexible.
The higher the user's preference for a sound, the higher the acceptance of information and the greater the efficiency of processing information. This "voice change function" of Sogou input method on line simulates one's own voice as the voice of other people, which endows the diversity of information expression in chat, and helps users get more pleasure in the process of communication. After this function is online, you can use it in QQ, car, and other software. Okay, let's go and have a try.
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