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Sogou Input Method Mac Edition Update: Can't find where to download? Look here!

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Note: Sogou input method as the industry leader has accumulated a large number of users. These users have formed the habit of
 Sogou input method as the industry leader has accumulated a large number of users. These users have formed the habit of using Sogou input method. They hope that they can install Sogou input method on different devices. But recently, some netizens have responded that Sogou input method can not be found in Mac App Store. In fact, Sogou input method is Mac version. Users can download and install it free of charge from the official website. Moreover, Sogou input method recently launched the Mac version of the 5.5 version, the transformation of the input is bad.
Compared with other input methods, Sogou input method is the most powerful accuracy rate, accuracy is the basis for survival of an input method, Sogou input method applies the industry's frontiers of AI technology, absolute spike other input method, reduce the number of users repeated changes, and improve the efficiency of input. Considering the Mac user's habits, the Mac version of Sogou Input Method uses the embedded style of Pinyin String to support multi-line input and help users find the target vocabulary faster.
The latest version of Sogou input method adds many new functions, so as to better meet the multiple needs of users. The first is the word count function. Users can see their typing and typing speed in real time (if the user doesn't like it, they can't be set up). If you open the input statistics, you can see the personal ranking and the PK speed of many netizens. In addition, in this new version, the function of the bucket chart is specially added, and the massive expression pack lets you chat no longer afraid, but also can throw out. Finally, the updated Sogou input method has updated the skin, and officially launched the skin of local tyrants, so that you can input not only fast but also beautiful.
It is worth mentioning that Sogou input method has always been able to pay attention to the input needs of different users. When users encounter words that cannot be read, they can use the split input function (U mode), first input the letter "U", and then input the pronunciation of each part, each part can be Chinese character or stroke. For example, if you type "uniuniuniuniu", you can type "ben". If you type "uhspn", you will display the word "pin". Without switching to handwritten mode or searching on the Internet, you can easily input uncommon words.
In addition, there is also the function of fast calculation (v mode), just input the formula, you can get the results, from then on farewell to the calculator, in the input method can be quickly resolved. Finally, the English input of Sogou input method is also very convenient. The input method will automatically complete the English word, and the corresponding Chinese meaning notes will help users enter the English words faster and ensure the accuracy.
The Sogou input method keeps polishing the products, keeps improving in input accuracy and efficiency, and pays attention to the diverse needs of users. It also tries to make the input method more humanized, intelligent and personalized, so as to download the Sogou input method quickly. The next input player is you.
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