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The Individualized System of Sogou Input Method for the First Music Keyboard is Forming

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Note: The pursuit of individuality is the label of post-90s and Z era. The hottest wine, hotpot, the most spicy song, the most
 The pursuit of individuality is the label of post-90s and Z era. The hottest wine, hotpot, the most spicy song, the most sad song, now the input method can also become the most personalized. Sogou input method is the first music keyboard in the industry after personalized speech recognition and intelligent Wang Zi. once the function was released, it was first used by many netizens and aroused heated discussion, especially by many idol fans.
It is reported that Sogou music keyboard library contains Meng Meiqi, Wang Yibo and many other works of love beans. When users enter the function in the input method and set up a good song list, when they use the music keyboard, they can feel the joy of "singing with the fingers". As an important part of the personalized system of Sogou input method, the introduction of music keyboard is not only conducive to Sogou input method to enhance industry competition barriers, but also has a positive significance for the input industry to explore new interactive mode.
Sogou launched the input method music keyboard, and the input personalized system gradually improved
The online music keyboard of Sogou input method is another powerful exploration for the individualization of input interaction. Sogou Input Method, the first music keyboard in the industry, provides users with cross-border wind, animation, hip-hop and other music genres, including a large number of popular music, as long as users open the music keyboard function and set the background music and playback order, you can click on the keyboard without opening the music APP premise, to achieve the selected music as you tap one. Play together, tap the stop music and stop the fun experience together. The function of switching music freely enables users to experience both input interest and personality needs in the process of input.
On the way of input personalization, Sogou never stopped. Before the launch of the music keyboard, Sogou input method has introduced a number of functions to support user input personalization. For example, a personalized speech recognition function that can satisfy the user's personality voice input, a blind box skin that satisfies the user's pursuit of personality and interest, and assists the user to express information better have been introduced before. Without opening the APP, an intelligent Wang Zi can realize magic map and query weather. Nowadays, Sogou input method is building a personalized input system from the aspects of product technology, product interaction and product function.
Music Keyboard: Constructing Industry Barriers and Exploring a New Mode of Input Interaction
Solving the user's need for personalized input and making users feel more fun in input is the purpose of building personalized input system with Sogou input method. From the introduction of the industry's first AI assistant intelligent Wang Zai, to the industry's first personalized speech recognition, and now the industry's first music keyboard, Sogou has always been in the forefront of input innovation, input personalized industry.
Sogou input method introduces music keyboard, which can enhance user stickiness from the aspects of enhancing interesting interaction and personalized input, and build industry barriers for Sogou to build personalized input system. In fact, the introduction of music keyboards benefits not only from Sogou input method, but also plays a leading role in exploring a new mode of input interaction in the industry. It is believed that with the accelerated layout of Sogou's input personalization system, the era of input personalization will soon come.
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