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Xinhua News Agency has teamed up with Sogou to launch the world's first artificial intelligence

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Note: Xinhua News Agency and Sogou Company launched a new and upgraded standing artificial intelligence (AI) anchor and the wo
 Xinhua News Agency and Sogou Company launched a new and upgraded standing artificial intelligence (AI) anchor and the world's first AI synthetic female anchor in Beijing, Xinhua reported in Beijing. This is the latest breakthrough result of the deep integration of artificial intelligence and news gathering and editing, which opens up a new space for the in-depth development of media integration.
What are the new moves for AI synthetic anchors? The secret video tells you!
From sitting to standing, how has the AI synthetic host evolved?
According to Qi Huijie, the project leader, AI synthetic anchor has made breakthroughs in many important technologies through technological breakthroughs. Named "New Xiao Hao", the standing AI synthetic anchor is still based on Qiu Hao, the anchor of Xinhua News Agency, and has made great improvements and breakthroughs in the two main engines of sound and image. In terms of sound, we use the leading waveform modeling technology to generate audio, which greatly improves the expressiveness and authenticity of the synthesized audio and makes the sound more emotional. In terms of images, through model optimization and the use of multi-style data, more realistic expression synthesis, proper matching of body movements and semantics, and more natural lip movements are achieved.
Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan delivered a speech
"New Xiao Hao" can not only sit down to broadcast the news, but also stand up, with gestures, gestures and other body movements to broadcast the news, more intelligent, more close to a real person.
As for the newly launched AI synthetic female anchor that attracts attention, Qi Huijie said that based on the more mature technology of AI synthetic anchor and the recent reporting practice, the customization cycle of AI synthetic female anchor is greatly compressed, and the broadcasting effect and stability are significantly improved. According to reports, AI synthetic female anchors will be in the national two sessions report on the official post.
Chen Kaixing, director of New Media Center of Xinhua News Agency, delivered a speech
Three months on the job, AI synthesis anchor hand over bright report card
In November last year at the fifth world conference on the Internet, xinhua joint sogou released the world's first synthetic news anchor - composite anchor "AI", using the latest technology, artificial intelligence "clone" with reality the host has the same ability to broadcast of "clone", in the fields of both and news in the field of global AI synthetic pioneered the first caught the attention of the world.
As a new employee of Xinhua News Agency, AI synthetic anchors immediately put into news reports and realized mass production. So far, they have published more than 3,400 articles, totaling more than 10,000 minutes, and participated in important reports such as the Fifth World Internet Conference, the first International import Expo, the 2019 Spring Festival Travel Rush, and the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig. These reports fully combine pictures, videos, text, animation and other elements to produce a series of rich content, diverse forms, readable media news products. These products are not only published in the Chinese and English client of Xinhua News Agency, the official account of Xinhua News Agency on wechat, China Xinhua News Network, etc., but also broadcast in the form of portrait on various mobile short video platforms, causing a warm response, and media at home and abroad have followed up the report.
Jiang Yan, chairman and president of China Xinhua News Television Network Co., LTD. (CNC) delivered a speech
The upgraded AI synthetic anchor helps build the world's first intelligent editorial department
Xinhua attaches great importance to the artificial intelligence technology to the influence of the news of the formats, strive to explore the depth of the artificial intelligence and news scene, is based on intelligence technology, speed up the build is characterized by man-machine collaboration, to greatly improve the efficiency of production transmission as the key point of the world's first intelligent newsroom, whole process embedded intelligent production technology, such as "media mind" We will comprehensively promote the application of intelligent technology, realize the integration of planning, collection, editing, contribution, communication and command, multi-link collaboration, and multi-terminal distribution, and promote the deep integration of technology construction and content construction. The launch of the upgraded version of AI synthetic anchor is an important content of the construction of intelligent editorial department, and the latest achievement of Xinhua News Agency's application of artificial intelligence technology to promote the in-depth development of media convergence.
In the future, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in the application of artificial intelligence in news gathering and editing with the AI synthetic anchor project as the core based on their own business development needs.
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