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Tencent officially announced that it would stop the service...

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Note: PC maps are over...In May this year, Sogou map offline, let a number of users tear eyes. Unexpectedly, married Tencent m
 PC maps are over...
In May this year, Sogou map offline, let a number of users tear eyes. Unexpectedly, "married" Tencent map less than half a year, Tencent map PC end is also officially announced offline.
The official website of Tencent Map announced on Thursday that the PC version of Tencent Map will stop service on November 11, and users can download the Tencent Map APP to use it.
As the decision nears, Baidu Map is the only map left on the PC.
Operation of more than 20 years, month live had more than 100 million Sogou map officially said goodbye
On May 11, Sogou Map, founded in 1999, issued a notice on its official website. "Sogou Map will be officially offline at 23:00 on May 15, 2022, and all related services will be closed at that time. Please download Teng Xun map to provide you with better service."
As the earliest public service map website in China, Sogou Map was founded in 1999, the predecessor of the map line world, is China's first Internet map service website.
Sogou paid $9.3 million for the company in 2005 and applied technology related to its mapping service to Sogou products. Soon after, Sogou changed its name to Sogou map.
With the acquisition of Sogou by Tencent in 2021, the fate of Sogou map seems to be a foregone conclusion.
Sogou AI interaction and technology products, input method and other businesses were merged into Tencent PCG (Platform and content business group), and Sogou Map was merged into the smart travel related departments of Tencent CSIG cloud and smart industry business group. Tencent Map is also affiliated with Tencent CSIG. Then, soon spread Sogou map will be combined with Tencent map message.
Finally, in May of the following year, the news came true. However, before it was offline, Sogou Map's monthly active users had fallen from more than 100 million in 2013 to 2.265 million in April 2021. Amap, Baidu Map and Tencent Map ranked the top three with 477 million, 389 million and 33.54 million active users, respectively.
In 2013, Sogou said in the financial report, related research data show, as of the first quarter of 2013, China mobile map client users have reached 486 million, Sogou map, Baidu map, AmAP and Google Map is the market attention to the highest four map software, and Sogou map user satisfaction is the highest.
In the traditional PC end, since the search usage rate of Sogou surpassed Google China in 2011, the page views of Sogou Map PC end also exceeded Google Map for four consecutive weeks in April 2013, and its daily query volume exceeded 20 million times.
However, as Tencent map PC end officially offline, Sogou map also officially bid farewell to this era.
"Buddha" Tencent map "inner roll" travel platform
Without the PC end, Tencent map left only the mobile end of the battlefield. And according to the data of application treasure show, Baidu map download times is 2 billion, AMAP download times is 2.7 billion, Sogou map "pushed" Teng Xun map download times only 200 million.
At the same time the establishment of Tencent map in the playing method has been very "Buddha". Before not only is often ridiculed by the user positioning is not accurate, the update frequency of functions is not as frequent as Autonavi and Baidu. The blockbuster update, launched in April this year, made netizens laugh, saying it was a feature that "other maps had four years ago".
However, with the downline of Sogou map, Tencent map is no longer "Buddha".
On the evening of July 12, the official account of "Tencent Travel Services" posted a message in the post that its taxi service had been launched in March and now covers more than 100 cities across China. Tencent Chuxing also provides subsidies to users, with the highest discount for new users is two 8 yuan coupons, and the highest discount for old customers is 5 yuan regular coupons.
The taxi-hailing section of Tencent's travel service was launched in March this year and covered more than 100 cities across China as of July 12, according to an official announcement. During this period, Tencent travel almost no taxi-hailing product marketing and user subsidies.
But from the speed of Kaesong, Tencent travel taxi Kaesong speed is extremely fast. Take Meituan Taxi-hailing as an example. From the pilot launch in February 2017, the related business was connected to 7 cities by December, while Tencent Chuxing Taxi-hailing was able to reach more than 100 cities in Kaesong within 4 months.
And Tencent travel services important grip is Tencent map.
On July 25, Tencent CSIG announced the upgrade of its organizational structure, and the mapping business was divided into three parts.
Among the two newly established departments, the Map Product Department is mainly responsible for Tencent map and travel business for C-terminal users. The digital Twin Product Department is mainly responsible for building the digital twin base and application products in the fields of B-terminal production space, road, park and building. The cancelled smart space product department and related teams of transportation platform Product department are also transferred to this department.
The original responsibilities of the map platform department changed to be responsible for the construction of map basic capabilities and products, providing the base support for map infrastructure, and providing services for more CBS (users, industry, society) application scenarios.
Zhong Xiangping, Vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent Smart Transportation and Travel, will no longer serve as the person in charge of map Platform Department. Zhang Zhidong, former general manager of Map Platform Department, will serve as the person in charge of Map Product Department. Wan Chao as the general manager of the digital twin products Department, both of them report to Zhong Xiangping.
It is worth noting that before the big adjustment of Tencent map business, Autonavi and Baidu also adjusted the map business in succession.
In May this year, Baidu group announced that Baidu map into IDG (intelligent driving) business group, together "car road map" four cards. Ali incorporated Amap into the local life service map, making it one of the basic platforms connecting travel, in-store, wine travel and e-commerce.
When Tencent Map is racing to catch up with Baidu and Autonavi, more new forces join the "travel platform" piece of cake. Petal Travel, Huawei's car-hailing platform, was officially launched on July 27.
The built-in taxi-hailing service, based on Huawei's self-developed map Petal Map, provides users with aggregated taxi-hailing services. Best of all, there's no APP to download. According to Sina technology news, Petal travel plans to enter the national market, and T3 travel to negotiate full access.
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