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Sogou map offline less than half a year, Tencent map PC end will stop

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Note: On October 13, the official website of Tencent Map announced that its PC application will stop service on November 11, a
 On October 13, the official website of Tencent Map announced that its PC application will stop service on November 11, and mobile users can download the Tencent Map App for use. It is worth noting that in May this year, was acquired by Tencent Sogou map also announced the official offline, after the visit to Sogou map official website will automatically jump to Tencent map.
Third in market share, with less than 100 million lives per month
Tencent map business started in 2009 SOSO map, SOSO map changed its name to Tencent map in 2013 and began to develop independently. In 2014, after Alibaba invested a large sum of money to acquire Ammap to attack the O2O field, Tencent began to attach importance to the development of mapping business and acquired 11.28% equity of Siwei Map with a high premium of 1.17 billion yuan in this year, so as to make up its qualification and technical shortcomings.
Despite their relentless efforts to join the industry competition in the map market, Baidu and Gadecky have occupied more market shares due to their first-mover advantages. According to the 2018 mobile map market application data, Amap took the first place with 33% of the market share, Baidu Map took the second place with 32.7%, and Tencent Map took the third place with only 15% of the market share.
Since then, with the gradual bottom of the flow dividend and the gradual rise of the industrial Internet, Tencent adjusted its organizational structure and established the Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group (CSIG) in October 2018. Through the use of cloud computing technology, mobile payment and the huge user base including wechat and QQ, Tencent fully promoted the industry digitalization. And Tencent map is also incorporated into the CSIG business group.
Sogou Map had 2.265 million monthly active users in April 2021, ranking sixth among map navigation apps, while Ammap, Baidu Map and Tencent Map had 477 million, 389 million and 33.54 million active users respectively, according to data from Bida Consulting.
In order to strengthen the basis to achieve higher business growth, in September 2021, Tencent completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Sogou at the price of $9 per share, and merged its map business into the smart travel division of CSIG, which is also owned by Tencent Map, but Sogou Map's market share performance is not ideal.
From January to April 2022, Sogou Map monthly active number of only 850,000, ranking down to the eighth position, Baidu Map, Ammap monthly active number of 526 million and 437 million, Tencent Map ranked third, monthly active volume of 45 million. That means Tencent Map's lag behind Baidu and Autonavi hasn't changed, even with the inclusion of Sogou Map. Then in May 2022, Sogou map officially announced offline, all services are shut down, the official website directly jump to Tencent map.
Structure big adjustment, taxi business coverage city more than 100
Previously, in order to explore more business value, Tencent map also in the function of continuous addition, has been online aggregation travel, merchant center and other services. But that hasn't done much to change Tencent's map user growth. According to the data, Amap, Baidu Map and Tencent Map had 477 million, 389 million and 33.54 million active users respectively in 2021.
In July this year, Tencent carried out a new round of organizational structure adjustment, announcing the establishment of map product department and digital twin product department, while eliminating the smart space product department and transportation platform product department. The new mapping division will be mainly responsible for Tencent's mapping and travel services for C-terminal users.
Tencent started its car-hailing business in March this year with the launch of a new aggregated car-hailing service, which now covers more than 100 cities across China. It is worth noting that Tencent Chuxing has achieved extremely fast Kaesong speed with virtually no marketing or user subsidies. Compared with the expansion speed of Meituan Taxi-hailing from the pilot in February 2017 to only 7 cities in December 2017, Tencent Taxi-hailing has more than 100 cities in four months in Kaesong, which can also reflect Tencent's emphasis on this business.
10 billion market scale, map business into the high - precision map track
The biggest value of map application is navigation. At first, the map navigation system was a paid mode, mainly because the collection of maps and the update of POI (information points) required a large amount of labor cost. However, after Baidu Map allowed users to use mobile phone navigation for free, the map navigation began to enter the free mode. However, after entering the free mode, how to monetize the traffic in the hand, which has become a problem for graph dealers to think about.
With the rise of online car-hailing, graphic vendors are focusing on in-vehicle navigation. According to the "ride-hailing app Industry Report", in 2017, the market penetration rate of ride-hailing APP was 14%, with a market size of more than 140 million people, and the user size of the whole industry increased by 16.4% compared with the same period. After seeing the growing market size of ride-hailing, Autonavi and Baidu successively launched the travel service platform. Baidu and Autonavi offer navigation services to ride-hailing drivers; On the other hand, the road data of ride-hailing also provides real-time data for map manufacturers to provide data support for high-precision maps.
The market for high-precision maps was about $2.1 billion in 2020, and the market size is expected to reach $9.4 billion in 2025 and 13.691 billion yuan in 2030, according to a report released by China Research Institute Prichua. Since then, map dealers have joined the high - precision map circuit. In 2021, Amap released the third generation of vehicle navigation, which utilizes the visual perception of vehicles and the latest dynamic map of high precision to achieve lane level navigation. Baidu Map has achieved breakthrough development in autonomous driving, providing opportunities for the market penetration of high-precision maps; Huawei member centers have also launched the high-precision positioning function for commercial use.
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