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Sogou input method is in danger! Meta universe black science and technology support, Baidu input met

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Note: Many people know that Sogou is our relatively early domestic a start-up company, the founder is also very powerful. It h
 Many people know that Sogou is our relatively early domestic a start-up company, the founder is also very powerful. It has launched Sogou input method PC version, Sogou input method APP, Sogou browser, Sogou search, Sogou map and a series of products, and has successfully occupied a certain market.
Later, however, Sogou brought in Tencent as an investor because of competing furniture, leaving Sogou struggling to survive between Sohu and Tencent. This matter has been until Tencent to acquire full ownership of Sogou ended. But even that doesn't end there, because some unexpected changes are taking place.
The first is Sogou search can not search the content of wechat at will, replaced by wechat search; Then Sogou search quietly closed; Then came the closing of Sogou Map. The closure of a product means that an Internet giant is descending.
Not only that, Sogou borrowing APP, Sogou map, Sogou reading, Sogou game center and Sogou content open platform also in this period of time one by one closed. So far, Sogou can get mesa products only browser and input method. However, recently, a Sogou input method on the crisis is quietly coming.
According to the relevant data of 2022, the current competitive landscape of mobile phone input method has changed greatly, from the past three points in the world to one more than two strong. A super is Baidu input method, two strong is Sogou input method and information fly input method; According to the data of the research report, the current Baidu input method with 44.8% of the market share firmly held the first position; And iflytek and Sogou split the remaining 50 percent of the market.
Imperceptibly, Sogou input method has become second-rate from the giant; And the upstart Baidu input law became the new boss. In the past three years, Baidu input method has completed the layout of the function ecology of input tools with the help of AI. It not only enables people to realize the new experience of full sensory input, but also has a lot of practical tools. At the same time, the release of YAN keyboard, backlit keyboard, skin Carnival and other new functions also made many post-1995 feel the joy of personalized input communication, and soon realized the process from catching up to surpassing.
However, no one thought that it would only take a version update to go from being surpassed to a serious threat. Input the latest version, this is baidu baidu AI in this version, yuan universe, language processing, large data are concentrated, especially by multimodal interaction technology, 3 d digital modeling, machine translation and speech recognition, natural language understanding ability of integration of many technologies such as digital virtual blogger; Become the most important highlight of this update.
With the help of Baidu Wenxin PLATO big model, Baidu has put two bloggers who communicate naturally in the input method APP, one is Ye Youyou and the other is Lin Kaikai. No matter which blogger has participated in the pre-training model of Chinese and English dialogue with the scale of over 10 billion parameters, only then can they have the fluent dialogue close to the real person. This just lets Baidu input method have the ability that affection accompanies.
I have to say that the update of Baidu input method is really very eye-catching, with artificial intelligence and meta-universe technology once again consolidate the first position in the input method market; At the same time also began to input method market clearance. It is not an exaggeration to say that Baidu input method has been a step ahead of the meta universe, and Sogou input method is still breathing; Merge into Tencent after the sogou input method, do you feel there is a chance to turn over?
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