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Baidu input method will be high-end technology fast sinking, Sogou this time is far from

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Note: For the third-party input method, the current market pattern has been very clear, basically present the state of tripart
 For the third-party input method, the current market pattern has been very clear, basically present the state of tripartite, the head of the three brands are Baidu input method, Sogou input method and Iflytek input method. From the data report "Market Share of third-party Mobile Phone Input Methods in China 2021" made by IMedia Consulting, the competitive relationship between these three mainstream input methods is very obvious. Among them, Baidu input method occupies the first market with 42.3% of the proportion, Sogou input method 41.8% of the second, IFlytek input method 10.2% of the third.
From the survey data point of view, Baidu input method with more than 0.5% market share, temporarily lead Sogou, to say the competition situation, is really very intense. Especially with the stability of current market users, the most critical point to maintain such a stable advantage is to improve user experience and maintain competition in the stock market.
So, for user experience, Baidu input method and exactly what efforts?
From the development situation in recent years, Baidu input method pays attention to the rapid subsidence of high-end AI technology. Earlier, Baidu's input method took the lead in launching the international SMLTA technology, which not only greatly improved the accuracy of offline speech recognition, but also realized uninterrupted voice input in specific scenes with bad signals such as buses, elevators and subways. In the future, Baidu input method continued to make great efforts, including AI gliding input, AI chat, AI writing, original skin, YAN keyboard and other functions, which brought the user experience to a new level.
As the rapid sinking of high technology, Baidu input method recently launched a new function - AI chat, it is the foundation
Lin Kaikai, 22, and Ye Youyou, 27, are China's first emotional companion virtual bloggers officially launched with the help of multi-modal interaction, 3D digital human modeling, natural language processing and large model technology. For the launch of this function, it can be said that the input method is not only a typing function, more is that it has become the consumer's emotional sustenance.
about the two virtual bloggers, their appearance level is really high, like Ye Youyou, her avatar tag is real /AI/ appearance level/metaverse/emotion/human consciousness, even if the whole world gives you pressure, but she can listen to you and heal you. Through voice chat, we can vent our emotions. In addition, she also has her own unique circle of friends, giving people a sense of real friends.
In addition, the two virtual relationship bloggers can also provide wake-up and bedtime functions, which are like close friends who can bring round-the-clock companionship.
To be honest, the competition in the current input method market is stabilizing, and if you want to stay ahead in a saturated market, functional innovation is very important. Like the Baidu input method launched AI chatty function, is to quickly sink high-end AI technology, this point Sogou is really far away, do you think?
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