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Shanmeng won the "2022 Science and Technology Innovation Leading Award" at the 11th Financ

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Note: On July 28-29, the 11th CFS Financial Summit and Sustainable Business 2022 Conference was held in Beijing under the them
 On July 28-29, the 11th CFS Financial Summit and Sustainable Business 2022 Conference was held in Beijing under the theme of "Invigorating High-quality Development".
The 11th CFS Financial Summit is co-hosted by CNR.com and CNRPhilanthropy, with CFS2022 official travel partner Hengtao Rentals providing the summit car service support. The event was held in a combination of "online and offline". During the summit, themed activities including the opening ceremony, High-Level Forum, CFS Tribute Ceremony, 2022 Brand Innovation Exhibition, as well as a number of special events on digital transformation, financial innovation, new consumption and smart manufacturing were held. In addition, the 2022 Second Sustainable Business Conference was held during the summit, which joined hands with leading brands in various industries to jointly open a new era of sustainable development.
In this summit, Chen Li, founder and CEO of Shemeng, won the "2022 Technology Innovation Pioneer" and Shemeng won the "2022 Technology Innovation Leading Award" for his exploration of technology services and value-added services in the Internet social scene for many years.
This award of "2022 Leading Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation", on the one hand, is the affirmation of Seme's deep cultivation of Internet social infrastructure since its establishment, on the other hand, it is also the expectation of Seme's industry value and unlimited development space for helping young people personalized communication, expression and communication.
Focus on user social, enabling interesting communication
Where human needs are growing, there are possibilities for creativity and commerce. In an era of ever-changing Internet memes and exponential and growing memes, it reflects a generation's ever-changing and increasingly personalized desire to communicate, express and communicate.
Chen Li's career spans the golden age of Chinese Internet development. From the PC era to the mobile Internet, Chen Li now stands at the crossroads of the era when the curtain of the metaverse opens. He knows that wherever there are people, there is the need for communication. And Shemeng will continue to adhere to the concept of "make communication more interesting", and freeze its unique expression for an era.
Founded in 2016, Seme has been focusing on the exploration of technical services and value-added services in Internet social scene for many years.
The two core businesses focus on building communication infrastructure: the input method product KK keyboard focuses on the personalized input needs of Generation Z, and builds the corresponding community ecology at the same time; Flash emoticon gathers a large number of emojis and more than 1,000 top creators, building a sustainable content ecology and comprehensive services covering users, enterprises and creators.
In the opinion of founder Chen Li, after years of deep cultivation and development, Shimeng has gradually improved and matured in product form and business model, and its future path has become more firm and clear. Chen Li defined that Shameng "should be a builder of social infrastructure in the Internet era".
Set the track and light the creative flame
"One should really build something with one's own hands in life. Whether I can change the world or not, this mentality is always in my heart."
The idea for the business began to emerge in 2011. In that year, the iPhone 4S was released, the rise of Android system, smart phones became a consumer hotspot. The mobile Internet boom has hit.
2016 marks Chen Li's tenth year at Sogou. Ten years Chen Li has been responsible for Sogou input method, Sogou browser, Sogou wallpaper and other star products. At that time Sogou development road already clear.
Chen Li, then senior director of operations, decided to quit his job and start his own business. Several Sogou colleagues who struggled all the way with him resolutely joined the founding team, product, technology, operation, a total of 7 people, lean and elite.
The first problem facing Chen Li was to choose the track.
Through the fog of many choices and tracks, Chen Li set his sights on the field of emojis. Chen Li is keenly aware of the huge potential of social services hidden behind these "gadgets" :
In 2016, Seme was founded. The character "meng" fits the cuteness, youth and intimacy of the emoji; "Shine" means shining, representing the positive attitude of young people.
Compared with similar emoji service companies, the superior performance of the overall technical architecture, as well as the leading emoji cooperation and authorization, make the service of flash cute on QQ, and compete with rivals.
After the cooperation with QQ, DCM's first round of investment of 20 million RMB was immediately landed. Then, within one year, Seme completed the financing of PreA, A and B rounds totaling hundreds of millions of yuan.
In six years, Shimeng has rocketed To the top of the "To B" meme service. At the end of 2021, Microsoft released windows11, and shemeng became the only content supplier of windows11 in China.
Homeopathic transformation, let the expression to create value
In 2018, Flash Meng has occupied more than 90 percent of the market share in the meme sector. When the momentum is strong, Chen Li and his team launched a new product, KK keyboard input method.
The birth of KK keyboard is the inevitable development of flash Meng.
Chen Li, founder and CEO of Seme
With the team's solid product capabilities, KK Keyboard went live in 2018. The first language function, including network hot meme, beautiful copywriting, humorous jokes, easy to release generation Z; The emoticon bucket graph function, based on the advantages of flash emoticon, enriches the chat content; The custom skin highlights the user's personality and can interact with the community in the form of topics, extending the input method from a tool to a link in the social ecology.
As an up-and-comer, the market performance of KK keyboard is very bright, less than a year after the launch of more than 10 million users. By 2021, it had more than 70 million cumulative users.
From flash cute to KK keyboard, input methods and memes have become the most intuitive bridge and window to understand the expression of the young generation.
Chen Li concluded that there are two main production modes of memes at present. One is to create for the netizens themselves, out of interest, based on hot spots, their own production and dissemination. The second is to create a new image or IP for design lovers, which can be combined with various hot spots or scenes.
Compared with the occasional creation behavior of netizens, design enthusiasts are obviously high-quality content providers that cannot be ignored and have the ability to create continuously in the field of emojis.
A good ecology is more than just content distribution. In order to be ecologically sustainable and scalable, Seme needs to provide good incentives for creators to create emojis, copyright protection mechanisms, content realization channels and creative community atmosphere.
This also means that Shimeng will transform itself from a distribution platform to a content platform.
From 2021 to 2022, the Flash Creator platform was officially put into operation. Seme provides one-stop services for creators: copyright protection, traffic support, channel distribution, financial support and creator network.
The construction of the creator platform benefits from the scale of the company's income since 2020. B-terminal service opens the payment mode, and KK keyboard is successful in commercial models such as advertising realization. Flash has sustained hematopoietic ability. Continuous profit, make it possible to re-feed creators.
Up to now, more than 1,000 meme creators have checked into Shimmere's creator platform. Flash Meng has accumulated a total of 36 original IP image. Among them, Nai Nai sauce series of emojis have been downloaded more than 8 million times and sent more than 100 million times on wechat.
Facing the future, do the Internet social infrastructure builder
"It's actually a social infrastructure," says Chen Li, whose dream for the future is behind the cute name.
"Until now, it has become increasingly clear to me that the future of Flash will be built in the direction of user social infrastructure to accomplish the mission of making user communication more interesting." "Chen Li said.
Now Shimmering has entered its sixth year. As far as Chen Li is concerned, Shanmeng has already completed her coming-of-age ceremony. "A lot of companies or start-up teams take three or five years to hone the product logic first and then the business logic -- except for the state of capital ripening. These three to five years are the period of education and growth.
From Sogou to flash Meng, from PC to mobile Internet, people's social communication is also evolving and changing in the current of The Times.
"The future must be towards the metaverse, that's quite certain. Because whether it is text, pictures, voice, video, really can combine it completely well, may be in the virtual world; At the same time, virtual worlds provide a very realistic environment." As a social infrastructure builder, Chen Liru sees new possibilities for the future of social networking.
Whether you are meeting, traveling, watching concerts in the metaverse, or holding the updated smartphone to shop, broadcast and read, these technologies and scenes are ultimately designed to bridge the boundaries between people and the world, and serve the meeting, communication and understanding between individuals.
Where there is communication, even without words or sounds, a ": -)" or a meme is enough to complete a communication. This is what Chen Li has been insisting on.
We look forward to working with the elites of various fields at the Financial Summit to overcome the uncertainties and build a better future with our collective wisdom.
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