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11 popular browsers: Edge is the best game compared to Chrome

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Note: The browser is the most common piece of software we use on our computers every day, so much so that we almost ignore it.
 The browser is the most common piece of software we use on our computers every day, so much so that we almost ignore it. And it's hard for users to switch to a browser. Personally, I've been Using Chrome for more than 10 years, AND I believe that's not the case.
When it comes to the browser experience, it's more subjective. I'm used to Chrome, you used to Edge, QQ, he used to 360, maxplay, this is no problem, everyone has their favorite and accustomed to a browser, it doesn't matter which one is higher or lower. So we're not going to talk about the experience of each browser in this review, and we're not going to ask you to "switch doors" based on performance rankings. The reason for this review, on the one hand, is that we do browser review every 2-3 years (browser performance changes slowly, there are longer iterations of substantial changes), you can see it as a routine operation; On the other hand, I want to see the performance of the major browsers today.
So without further ado, let's cut to the chase.
· Summary of basic browser information
We selected 11 browsers for this test, and their basic information is as follows:
See this table, immediately let me feel that the browser market now and then Hong Kong song has the same wonderful. It was Miyuki Nakajima who fed pop stars. Now it is a Google who feeds almost the entire browser market. Ten of the 11 browsers are based on Google Blink rendering engine, and only Mozilla FireFox still uses Gecko 2.
I want to talk about Blink. After Google quit Webkit, they rewrote the Blink engine based on it, but it was still Webkit in nature, but Google removed all Ports that had nothing to do with Chromium from Webkit and reorganized the code structure. So Blink is the successor to Webkit, not Google's new rendering engine.
Other 11 browsers installed capacity, pride game is still the largest, up to 844MB, the most streamlined and capable is sogou browser, only 164MB, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge capacity is also relatively large, 549MB and 526MB respectively.
· test items and related instructions
Next, let's talk about the test items. This time, we choose 8 tests:
First, Browserbench's three test projects: JetStream2, MotionMark, and Speedometer. Java scripting performance of the browser, graphic rendering performance of the animated scene, and responsiveness of the Web application were tested.
Second, the HTML5 TEST, as the name suggests, tests the browser's HTML5 performance.
Third, Octane 2.0 For Google Chromium also tests Java script performance in browsers.
Fourth, Mozilla's Kraken Javascript testing, where it would be fairer to introduce several different Java script performance tests.
Fifth, basemark Web 3.0 performance test can be regarded as the comprehensive performance test of the browser.
Six: memory, CPU, GPU usage test.
To be clear:
· Different computer hardware configurations have a significant impact on test results, but as long as all tests are done on the same hardware configuration, it is possible to distinguish performance differences between browsers.
· Because the scores are different under different hardware configurations, all test scores in this review are for reference only, mainly used to measure the performance of each browser, not fixed scores.
· Test platform hardware information:
The hardware configuration of the test platform is as follows:
Processor: Intel Core I7-12700H
Memory: 2 x 8GB DDR4 memory
Hard disk: a 512GB PCIe 3.0 SSD
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU
Operating system: Windows 11 Home Chinese 21H2
· Performance test results and ranking
With the basics in mind, let's take a look at the test results.
【 JetStream2 】
The first is JetStream2, a Java scripting performance test that consists of 59 separate Java script-related tests. Each test gives a high, low, and average score, and an overall score.
Microsoft Edge came in first with 252.391 points, followed by Maxthon with 238.636, Chrome with 236.177 and Opera with 233.166. FireFox, Windows of the World, and 2345 ranked third.
【 MotionMark 】
The second test, MotionMark, measures the browser's graphical rendering capabilities. Although the main function of the browser is to browse the web, but in fact, it not only involves the loading of pictures and text, some web effects, web games and other content, need to use the graphics rendering ability.
Edge ranked first with a score of 1123.4, followed By maxthon with a score of 1097.59 And Chrome with a score of 1063.88, followed By Windows of The world And sogou.
The Speedometer.
The third test, Speedometer, measures the Web application responsiveness of the browser. Edge and Chrome tied for first place with a score of 264, followed by Maxthon with a score of 260.9, followed by Windows of the World, 360 Security browser and Sogou.
One of the more surprising of Browserbench's three tests was the Maxthon browser, made by a domestic manufacturer. As one of the biggest browsers In China, aoyou once suffered from the embarrassment of declining public praise, but now it seems that the technical strength Of aoyou is quite good, Java and graphics rendering ability even slightly more Than Chrome, which is really unexpected.
For the fourth test, let's look at HTML5 performance.
According to the test results, Cheetah browser performed well in HTML5 performance, taking the first place with 532 points. Edge, Chrome, Maxplay, QQ, 2345, 360 all scored 528 points, reaching the current average level. Opera also did well with 526; FireFox, Sogou performance is general, but also reached more than 500 points; Windows of the World was the worst performer with a score of 481, which is about the average browser in 2019, given that Windows of the World hasn't been updated for a long time.
【 2.0 】 Octane
Octane 2.0 is Google Chromium's Java script performance test standard, so there is a bias for browsers using Blink engine, which has led to Gecko 2's FireFox ranking last. So we have also Introduced Mozilla's Kraken Javascript test below to ensure fairness.
Edge, Opera and Chrome ranked the top three among the 10 browsers in Blink engine, and the gap between them was not too big. After that, QQ, Cheetah, 360 and Sogou ranked the second, while Windows of the World and 2345 still performed badly.
【 Kraken Javascript 】
The sixth comes from Mozilla's Kraken Javascript test.
FireFox was supposed to be the best with its own BUFF, but it wasn't, ranking fourth from the bottom, with Kraken Javascript loading 699.9 milliseconds. The top three are Edge, Chrome and Opera, and Maxthon has also entered the 500-millisecond mark.
In addition, Windows of the World, which had been dragging its crotch, was surprisingly strong in loading speed with Kraken Web, coming in fifth place at 550.1 milliseconds.
basemark Web 3.0
For the seventh test, let's look At basemark's Web 3.0-related test. This test includes very rich Web application, functional, and graphics-related tests, and can be viewed as a comprehensive performance test of the browser.
Opera performed best in the test, with a total score of 1,280.08, followed by Chrome in second place, Maxthon in third place with a solid performance, and Edge, the previous number one browser, in fourth place. However, as can be seen from the score, the gap between the top four is actually very small, with only 72.84 points separating the first and fourth place, which is almost negligible.
Windows of the World and QQ, which ranked the bottom two in overall performance, were not able to run the Web 2.0 test smoothly, so they received low scores.
In seven basic performance tests, Edge and Chrome performed very consistently, with the best overall performance. Among domestic browser brands, max.com's performance is as good as that of Edge and Chrome, which I did not expect before the test. Also, Opera is still a pretty good browser. And relatively not recommended is the window of the world, 2345 these two browsers, loading speed, response speed, graphics rendering performance is not too good.
In addition, QQ, 360, Sogou, Cheetah these browser performance is about the same, how to choose to see everyone's daily use habits.
FireFox, also known as The FireFox browser, is simply not powerful enough these days. Firefox used to be a very popular browser, but the gap between Gecko 2 and Blink is still quite obvious, and the loss of firefox users is not unreasonable.
【 Memory /CPU/GPU occupancy test 】
As a final test, let's take a look at the memory, CPU, and GPU usage of the 11 browsers.
The test method is still to sacrifice the classic video of STATION B "[Miss Six /AMV] I will always be there for you!" To test it out. The figure below shows the amount of bullet screen at the peak of this video. The total amount of bullet screen has exceeded one million, so it can significantly affect the peak occupancy of memory, CPU and GPU of the browser.
Here's a round-up of the results for the 11 browsers:
By default, Opera has the highest memory usage at 501.3MB, While Windows of The world, which hasn't been updated in a while, has only 79.2MB.
The peak memory usage of FireFox is a horrible 3,609 MB, far more than any other browser, and the lowest is 2345 with 586.2MB. Windows of the World browser failed to open station B videos properly, so it did not score.
In general, the default memory usage of the other nine browsers is not high except FireFox And Opera. But in terms of peak memory usage, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Maxon, Cheetah all use more than 1GB, which is a 2-3 times increase compared to 2 or 3 years ago, while FireFox has almost 6 times increase.
In terms of CPU and GPU peak occupancy, Edge is relatively high. It can be seen that although the overall performance of Edge browser is good, it occupies high hardware resources, so the power consumption of computer will increase when using Edge browser. If you often use your laptop unplugged, it's best to avoid the Edge browser.
In addition, THE overall hardware usage of QQ browser is well controlled, the PEAK CPU is only 10.9%, the GPU is only 30.7%, and the memory usage is not high, so it is a relatively energy saving browser.
· Comments on initial interface of 11 browsers
This review has a performance ranking, but that doesn't MEAN I have to recommend using the top browsers. As I said at the beginning of this article, browser use is a matter of habit, and even if you're used to using Windows of the World, which performs the worst, I don't see a problem as long as you're comfortable with it. Therefore, this review does not cover the merits of browser usage.
If, like me, you're comfortable with simplicity, you can choose something like Chrome. If you like to open the browser to see all kinds of news, you can choose QQ, 360, maxthon these browsers with rich content. If you like to play some web games or shop, browsers like 2345 and Cheetah, which integrate related applications directly into the sidebar, are best suited.
Here are some comments on the original default interfaces of the 11 browsers, and you can see which ones are more interesting to you.
Microsoft Edge is by and large the best performing browser out there, and while it's built on the Chrome kernel itself, Microsoft's tuning is pretty good. Edge browser interface can choose a variety of patterns, the default will integrate bing's search box, every open a beautiful wallpaper, random matching below shows the login web site, then there will be some content labels, overall, the interface Edge set is concise and practical at an organic whole, I personally like the style.
Chrome's default interface is of course the classic Google search bar, but of course it doesn't work in China. At the bottom of the search bar, you can customize some common sites, and the address bar and toolbar at the top are very simple, which is why I always use Chrome. One of Chrome's greatest strengths, of course, is its abundance of plugins, which will change the way you think about a browser.
Before Chrome, the author used the proud game for a period of time, to tell the truth in addition to the version speed is relatively slow accident, the overall experience is quite good. The default interface is still an aggregation of navigation and content, topped by the Baidu search box, with location, weather, temperature and other information displayed at the top. Compared With Chrome, the maxthon toolbar is more complex, and the left side is still the maxthon classic favorites.
Opera's default screen is mostly a collection of predefined sites, with a list of recent visits below. One of the things that's a little bit offensive is that the name of the current TAB on the site is "Suggestions," which I suggest Opera staff change if they see it.
Opera's sidebar features are interesting. It presets instagram, FaceBook and other sites that are hard to open in China, as well as a few other options. The overall
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