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Strike website collection: sogou search "stone broken algorithm" formally effective

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Note: In order to combat the problem of bad collection of websites, sogou search stone broken algorithm today (June 17) offici
 In order to combat the problem of bad collection of websites, sogou search "stone broken algorithm" today (June 17) officially took effect. This algorithm aims to identify links and websites that contain bad collection behavior, and implement corresponding cleaning and suppression measures according to the degree of cheating on websites.
Sogou official also gave an example, please cooperate with self check and complete the comprehensive rectification before the algorithm online.
1. Content logic disorder: different articles are collected for piecing together or repeated fragments of the same article are stacked into one article. There is no logical relationship before and after the article, which makes it difficult for users to understand;
Example: There is no correlation in the text and the content is repeatedly stacked
2. Disordered content structure: it is difficult to provide effective information for users due to the disordered typesetting, miscellaneous irrelevant information and loss of functions caused by not being edited after collection;
Example: Missing question and answer structure
3. The website is composed of a large amount of collected content: the website lacks original/unique content, that is, the content is mostly collected in batches and not edited, and the overall content quality is low;
Example: repeated application of the same collection content and batch generation of article illustration
4. Cross-field collection: websites collecting a large amount of content unrelated to the main business field to obtain traffic will also be judged as bad collection behavior;
Example: Main design field website to collect a lot of irrelevant content
Some people say, sogou to the flow is too little, it doesn't matter, but I want to tell you is: wechat search third-party content is all from sogou search oh, you want to do wechat SEO, must do sogou search!
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