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Tencent has unveiled an input method for typing with eyeballs

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Note:   In November 2019,Fang Yu,a patient with athetotic cerebral palsy who lost normal movement and speech ability due to
   In November 2019,Fang Yu,a patient with athetotic cerebral palsy who lost normal movement and speech ability due to cerebellum accident damage,asked for help on Weibo that she could not use an input method called"Mouse Typing·Advanced Version III".
  A few days later,Sogou input method team contacted Fang Yu,said that they would continue to develop the input method,so that the software can help more special people have the opportunity to express.only with 8 days,Sogou input method for Fang Yu and other physical mobility inconvenience of the special people to create the disability input(little input)will be officially online.
  ▲Fang Yu's(Leng Min Cold Midnight)Help screenshot on weibo
  "Diandianinput currently has 100,000 daily active users,"Zhao Yitao,an expert on barrier-free products at Tencent's input law department,told Zhidx.com.
  As a national input method,Sogou input method has long paid attention to the field of barrier-free input and is committed to providing better input services for people with disabilities.Since 2015,Sogou input method for special groups of people has introduced visual impairment input,disability input(point input),elders input and other solutions.
  Just on Thursday,the public welfare program for accessible input launched by Sogou Input,a subsidiary of Tencent,was officially launched.A sogou input solution called"Eye movement input"was released for the first time,allowing disabled users to complete input by moving their eyes.
  The project was guided by China Assistive Devices for Persons with Disabilities(CASSIStive Devices for Persons with Disabilities),directly under the China Disabled Persons'Federation.It was jointly initiated by Sogou Input,Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association,and The National Development and Supply Station of Articles for persons with Disabilities,as well as vivo,TobiiDynavox,Hannicon Technology and other industry forces.Working together to help disabled people input and express themselves in the digital world.
  ▲Launch ceremony of the public Welfare Program for barrier-free Input
  What is the"Voices"barrier-free input public welfare project?How will Sogou input method rely on its own technical advantages for the disabled people to bring convenience?
  1.Build an open platform for barrier-free input
  In recent years,the penetration rate of The Internet in China has been increasing year by year.By the end of June 2021,the penetration rate of the Internet in China had reached 71.60%.Mobile phone and PC input methods have become the main tools for us to express ourselves and communicate on the Internet in our daily life,work and study.
  But there is one group of people who seem to have been"forgotten".It is reported that China currently has more than 85 million special groups,including more than 17 million visually impaired people and more than 6 million cerebral palsy patients.China has 260 million people aged 60 and above,including 190 million aged 65 and above,according to the seventh national census.These numbers are increasing,and they are a special group of people who also need input typing to express themselves.
  With the launch of"Voices"barrier-free input public welfare plan,Sogou Input will continue to use its AI technology advantages,existing product coverage,etc.,to build a barrier-free input channel for more AI developers,enterprises and special groups.
  Specifically,the public welfare program for barrier-free input of"Voices"initially includes two aspects,namely,the research and analysis of group needs and the establishment of an open platform for barrier-free input.
  1.Group demand research and analysis.In order to further promote the AI technology to further fall to the ground in the barrier-free facilities,such as the early stage of the plan,sogou input method product expert user representatives will jointly special people,the Chinese disabled auxiliary appliance center and shenzhen information barrier-free society,in-depth research report,continuous output barrier-free input requirements,optimization of AI techniques in the application of the barrier-free products.It is reported that the first"barrier-free input research report"is scheduled to be released in the middle of 2022.
  2.Build a barrier-free input development platform.At present,the solutions of barrier-free input method include sogou input method for different people,such as visually impaired input,physically impaired input(dot input),elder mode,eye movement input,OCR picture reading,AI sign language translation and other technical solutions.In the future,Sogou input method will be associated with Tencent technology public welfare plan for the whole industry free open input method in AI and other technologies,reduce the developers of the development threshold,the use of open source technology to promote public welfare undertakings.
  Second,AI prediction+association,typing error rate reduced by 63%
  Vice president of Tencent xiaohu said at the launch ceremony:"Accessibility of information is to bridge the digital divide between handicapped people.In 2018,Tencent opened OCR recognition,speech synthesis,picture to speech and other technologies for the visually impaired,and in 2020,it opened audio AI technology for the hearing impaired.Tencent is exploring more application scenarios for technology to help the disabled and bridge the digital divide."
  So how does Tencent build a high-quality information barrier-free"bridge"for special groups?From the product itself,Sogou input method continues to achieve functional updates,terminal applications and technology integration,through repeated polishing,optimization and upgrading,so that a number of barrierless input solutions more user-friendly.
  The latest version of the accessibility input solution introduced at the launching ceremony of the public benefit program of"Voices"is aimed at als people.It is jointly developed by Sogou input method and TobiiDynavox,a manufacturer of eye tracker,and integrates the eye movement input technology with sogou input method's high-quality word library,associative word library,intelligent frequency modulation and other functions.
  On the hardware side,TobiiDynavox's eye-tracker uses eye-tracking technology that lets users use their eyes instead of a mouse and keyboard.After wearing the eye controller,users can complete the operation step by step by staring at the target on the page.The eye controller is equipped with multiple groups of near-infrared light sources,which are transmitted to the eye controller through the reflection of the eyes.The coordinate position of fixation points can be obtained through the algorithm,so that the computer can recognize the position of eye fixation and execute the instructions.
  In the use of eye controller,all keys on the keyboard need eyes to operate,input method is very important in this link.The eye-controlled keyboard developed by Sogou input method with eye-controller is designed for user needs.
  First of all,in order to improve user experience,the eye-controlled keyboard designed by Sogou input method provides button adsorption function,which can reduce the error rate caused by misoperation when users are looking at the button selection operation.Eye-controlled keyboard also flexibly sets the time for users to stare at the button.If users are not familiar with the use method in the early stage,they can set a longer time and adjust it in time to find a more comfortable use method.
  Second,eye control keyboard also carry the sogou input method of intelligent technology,the pinyin is long or unusual words,users only need to input a few times,the keyboard can produce"memory",automatic word association candidate,such as"DNA nucleotides"this kind of more professional,not common nouns,input a few times,The user only needs to type the initial"tyhthgs"to complete the noun.
  At the same time,in order to better integrate with the eye controller,the eye-controlled keyboard needs to maximize the utilization rate of keys in limited space.Pinyin and function keys commonly used by users are put on the home page,and other keys that are not commonly used,such as numbers and symbols,are added to the keyboard sub-page.
  At present,Sogou barrier-free input method has four technical solutions,in addition to eye movement input,visual input,limb input(point input),elders mode have been put into use.
  For visually impaired groups,Sogou Input has introduced visually impaired input,which has now covered PC and mobile versions.In terms of technology,Sogou Input has cooperated with human-computer Interaction Laboratory of Tsinghua University to launch intelligent button prediction function,which uses AI technology to intelligently predict user input and help visually impaired users correct errors.Sogou says the feature can reduce typing errors by 63 percent and increase speed by 12 percent,reducing the hassle of repeated modifications by visually impaired users.
  Secondly,sogou input method also adds the function of self-defining screen display mode and candidate gesture,and uses AI for gesture recognition to reduce user operation process.
  After the release of the handicap input(diandian input)developed by Fang Yu at the end of 2019,Sogou input method will further change the candidate input method to the interactive form of initials and finals according to the characteristics of Chinese pinyin input,which is more suitable for the accessibility of people."Fang Was diandian's main customer at first.We observed that she often typed at night,so we introduced green and yellow skin to relieve her discomfort of staring at the screen for a long time at night,"Zhao added.
  ▲Handicap input(point input)interface
  For a large number of elderly people,Sogou input method fully considers their needs,optimizes the keyboard interface,and optimizes the handwriting input and voice input methods that are more commonly used by the elderly.
  From the perspective of the industry,Sogou input method for Android and iOS system development of different functions,and a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate,to jointly create targeted,systematic information accessibility plan,to help special people enjoy the convenience of the information age.
  In Android system,Sogou input method is expanded based on the barrier-free services provided by Android system and TTS(Text To Speech from Text To Speech)service,adding the function of clicking system buttons To broadcast,and using TTS service To broadcast content automatically.
  In the iOS system,Sogou input method relies on VoiceOver technology in Apple's auxiliary functions,and adds functions such as gesture operation on the screen and continuous deletion.The barrier-free adaptation function of Sogou and Apple's native input method has the same underlying implementation principle,but The Sogou input method is superior to the iOS native input method in input accuracy,input prediction,long sentence input optimization and other features based on the accumulation of technology in the input method field.
  3.Sogou builds a dialogue platform for AI and public welfare
  "We look forward to more technology companies and social forces taking action to make information accessible accessible to the public,so that everyone can equally integrate into the digital society and enjoy a better digital life,"said Lyu Shiming,vice chairman of CDPF and president of China Disabled Persons volunteers Association,at the launch ceremony.
  The participation of enterprises and everyone is the key to promoting public welfare undertakings.Sogou Input method since 2005,has launched a special input method for the visually impaired people,the elderly,now further from their own AI technology,in-depth research,build a platform for the society,industry,to provide effective data,ecological support,strengthen the attention to special groups.
  In the future,Sogou input method will be more specific for the special population,the design of more targeted products.Although sogou input method is only a small part of the barrier-free facilities,but with the launch of the public welfare program of barrier-free input,the voices of special people can be heard by more people,so that technology can further help more people get better development.
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