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Sogou input method releases "voice text conversion" function

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Note:   Under the guidance of the China Deaf Association,Tencent Sogou input method released the barrier freevoice to textfu
   Under the guidance of the China Deaf Association,Tencent Sogou input method released the barrier free"voice to text"function to provide voice to text and other services for hearing-impaired people in chat dialogue,class meeting,video live broadcast and other scenes,so as to solve the problem of poor"listening"and"speaking"of hearing-impaired people.
  According to the relevant person in charge of Tencent Sogou input method products,at present,the needs of users are mainly in three types of scenes:first,face-to-face scenes,such as daily communication and chat between healthy hearing people and hearing impaired people,school classes,offline meetings,etc.,with voice and text transfer needs;Second,online scenes,such as online classes and online meetings,have the need for voice to text;Third,entertainment scenes,such as watching videos without subtitles and live broadcasts,have the need to turn subtitles.
  "Voice to text"can provide three main functions:real-time voice to text,input text to voice and suspended subtitles.Among them,real-time voice to text can help hearing-impaired users recognize each other's voice in real time;Inputting text to voice can help the hearing-impaired people turn what they want to say into voice in real time,and there are 8 timbres to choose from,especially for multi person dialogue,meeting,learning and other scenes;After the suspension mode is turned on,the subtitle from real-time voice to text can be suspended on the upper layer of other software,such as video software,and the text will be displayed in the subtitle bar in real time and scroll automatically.
  It is reported that the project started in mid February and took three months from R&D to launch.At present,the voice text conversion function has been synchronously launched in the latest version of Sogou input method of Android and IOS systems.
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