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Sogou input method releases "eye movement input" scheme

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Note:   Guided by the China Disabled Persons'assistive device center directly under the China Disabled Persons'Federation,Te
   Guided by the China Disabled Persons'assistive device center directly under the China Disabled Persons'Federation,Tencent's Sogou input method,Information Accessibility Research Association and the national general station for the development and supply of disabled products jointly launched the"public voice"barrier free input public welfare plan.based on the barrier free technology accumulation of Sogou input method and Tencent technology public welfare,the plan will build an open platform for barrier free input,and open technical solutions such as visual barrier input,limb barrier input,elder input,OCR picture reading and AI sign language translation to the whole industry free of charge.Sogou input method also released the"eye movement input"solution for the first time.Disabled users can complete the input only by turning their eyes.
  It home learned that the barrier free solution of"eye movement input"released this time allows disabled users to operate the computer to complete input through eye rotation and gaze with the help of an eye controller with built-in eye tracking technology.Since 2015,Sogou input method has successively launched input schemes for specific groups,such as visual impairment input,limb impairment input(point-to-point input),elder mode,etc.,which are open to partners free of charge.
  It is reported that there are more than 85 million special groups in China,including more than 17 million people with visual impairment and more than 6 million patients with cerebral palsy.According to the data of the seventh national census,there are 260 million people aged 60 and over in China,of which 190 million are aged 65 and over.The 14th five year plan for the protection and development of persons with disabilities proposes to accelerate the development of information accessibility and accelerate the popularization of accessibility of Internet websites,mobile Internet applications and self-service public service equipment.The general office of the State Council also issued the notice on the implementation plan for effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology in November 2020,encouraging science and technology enterprises to provide more intelligent products and services suitable for the elderly.
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