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How to do Sogou pan directory of the latest Sogou pan directory station group program?

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Note:   The latest pan directory station group program.The predecessor of the pan directory station group is Joe page.The pa
   The latest pan directory station group program.The predecessor of the pan directory station group is Joe page.The pan directory station group is usually composed of many domain names.The directory behind the domain name is displayed on the corresponding page no matter how you input it,and spiders can crawl infinitely.Today,let's talk about how the pan directory station group program does website collection and SEO ranking.
  What do you need to prepare for the latest pan directory station group?First of all,we should prepare a large number of old domain names.To be a pan directory station group,we need to prepare some old domain names,preferably a domain name with a history of 2-3 years of Chinese website establishment.In addition,the base of the domain name should be clean.Otherwise it's hard to do it.We need to know an experience.A good domain name comes with a spider,and a good domain name can get twice the result with half the effort.
  Then you need to prepare the pan directory program.There are many pan directory programs on the market,and the basic principles are almost the same.You can choose according to your usage habits.
  After the pan directory station group program is selected,it is necessary to prepare a large number of industry keywords or long tail keywords.The pan directory program usually provides sentence library,article library,Title Library,and some website name Title Library.These industry keywords or long tail keywords are widely collected in the whole network,and then released in combination with pseudo original.Because the collected content is a high-quality news source,the content quality is excellent,and then after the collection of pseudo original,the content is the original content that the search engine thinks.Search engines like to include new content that is valuable to users.Search engine also needs to constantly learn new knowledge and enrich its own database.
  After the pan directory station group program is released through the pseudo original collection of keywords,it needs to actively expose the link to the search engine through push,and automatically submit it to Baidu,Shenma,360 and Sogou in batch at the same time.We all know that push is an important part of SEO.By pushing,we can increase the capture frequency of spiders,so as to promote the collection of websites.only when the websites are included,can we do keyword SEO ranking.For major search engine push,you can use Sogou batch push tool.
  To do Sogou pan directory station group program,we need to know what submission methods Sogou has.Sogou is divided into three push methods:Sogou verification submission(combined with binding stations,20 items can be submitted at a time),Sogou non verification submission(one item at a time,without limiting the number of submissions),sitemap submission(99%of stations do not have this permission,invitation system).Sogou is divided into two push methods:non verification site submission and verification site submission.20 items can be submitted for verification push and 1 item can be submitted for non verification push.Both verified and non verified can be submitted all the time.Binding domain names through Sogou push tool can push pan resolution,pan directory and internal page.
  While the pan directory station group program has done a good job in the station optimization,our off-site optimization should also be in place.Specifically,we can carry out external chain construction,friendship links,etc.Before we do the external chain,we must first determine the keywords of the website.In this way,when we do the external chain,we will focus on it,and the quality of the external chain will be relatively high.Here you can use some excellent external chain tools.The external chain does not need too much.If the quality is good,the effect will be more effective.links,if your pan directory is a new site,it's best not to exchange links with websites with the same type of Pan directory,because in this way,the spider of your website is easy to be robbed by each other's website.
  SEO is multi-dimensional,pan directory station group program,which is a program to help us do collection.We still need to return to SEO optimization itself and do a good job of SEO in station optimization and SEO out of station optimization of the website.only in this way can our website prosper day by day.That's all for today's explanation of the pan directory station group program.I hope my article can bring you some help.
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