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What are the four essential elements for creating and editing tiktok entries?

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Note:   So what kind of entry name is standard?  Use common names of things  Use the most common names of people or thin
   So what kind of entry name is standard?
  Use common names of things
  Use the most common names of people or things,but make a difference from others.If there are things with the same name,you can add new meanings(new descriptions)to the entry.Visible in polysemy:
  When the same entry name can refer to things with different meanings and concepts,this entry is called polysemy.
  A polysemy consists of an entry name and several senses.The descriptive content of each thing with different conceptual meaning under the same entry name is called semantic item.Semantic item description is a clear description of semantic items,which should be the content that can best represent the attributes and characteristics of semantic items.For example,there are multiple meanings under the entry"apple",including fruit trees,fruits,companies and movies.
  In case of polysemy,you can pay attention to whether there is a button or button to add meaning items above the editors of major platforms,or directly enter the creation entry editing.(the operation mode of each platform is slightly different)
  Use Chinese or English name
  The vast majority of users in the Chinese encyclopedia use Chinese.In order to enable users to easily and conveniently obtain useful information in the encyclopedia,try to use simplified Chinese as the entry name.If English is more commonly used than Chinese translation,or a thing does not have a Chinese name,the entry name can be in English,such as"IBM"and"NBA".
  When using English as the entry name,pay attention to the standard English format(such as case of English words,such as"iPhone").
  Do not use self-made words
  Some emerging hot things may not have standardized entry names.The typical situation is that emergencies,such as"9.11 incident",have been widely reported in the last day or two,but there is no definite event name.When creating such entries,please do not use self-made words(such as"World Trade Center aircraft collision incident")as the entry name,but use the most well-known and common one in various reports as far as possible,so that this entry can be easily found and linked.
  The naming of other non event entries generally follows this principle.
  Use proper nouns
  The entry name should be a proper noun or noun phrase,such as"Polish President's plane crash".Do not use phrases with complex meanings as entry names,such as"fish flavored shredded meat making technology"and"magnificent Great Wall".Except for the name of works.
  Use official full name
  1.When a thing has multiple appellations,it should use official,formal,academic and other proprietary appellations as the entry name,such as"sodium hydroxide"rather than"caustic soda".
  2.When a thing has a short name,the standard full name should be used as the entry name,such as"Barack Obama"instead of"Obama".
  3.When the alias,common name,pen name and sign of a thing are used more and easier to understand than the formal name,you can not use the formal name,but follow the practice of"using the common name of the thing",such as using"Bing Xin"instead of"Xie WANYING"as the entry name.
  Use of spaces
  1.Chinese entry names should not contain any spaces.
  2.For English entry names,a half angle space can be added between words according to the English writing practice.
  3.When Chinese and English are mixed,no space should be added between Chinese and English,such as"Samsung Galaxy S5".
  4.The entry name should not contain any full space.
  Punctuation in entry names
  Punctuation in entry names
  Parentheses(full angle"()")indicate notes and additional notes.When used in Encyclopedia,it should not include additional notes to entries.For example,"William Shakespeare(English)"and"Yan Zhenqing(709-784)"are all non-standard entry names.
  When using the work name as the entry name,please do not use the book name number to enclose the work name as the entry name,but the book name number can be used normally in the text.
  Other punctuation marks are generally not recommended to be used in the title.Except for special instructions,all punctuation marks shall use full angle symbols.
  Things should be true
  Simplicity can be understood as the authenticity of things,and the meaning is consistent with the objective facts.
  Reference materials should be authoritative
  The fact that the data source can be found.The significance of reference materials is to point out the source/source of this part,so as to ensure that this part is objective and true.
  General Internet encyclopedia reference materials:most of them are directly linked to the Internet.(because you can click directly to check the authenticity.)
  The authoritative sources involved here are generally:
  online contents and publications published on the official websites of government agencies at all levels and their official certified media numbers.
  Contents and publications published online on the official websites of public academic,educational and medical institutions and their official certified media numbers.
  Institutions holding press and publication licenses or Internet news and information service licenses and their official certified media numbers.
  Officially published/published books,journals and papers.
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