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I suggest you input "Tadao Ando" in Sogou input method!

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Note:   Sogou input method is a Chinese character input method object launched by Sogou company in June 2006.It has won many
   Sogou input method is a Chinese character input method object launched by Sogou company in June 2006.It has won many domestic application awards.It has been comprehensively promoted in September 2020 and officially entered the era of AI assistant.Skin,face,flash quotations,intelligent Wang Zi's chat assistant,etc.are promoted,convenient and diligent.They are deeply liked by users,with 480 million active users every day.
  As the strategic media alliance partner of Tadao Ando's"Fanghua"exhibition,Sogou input method specially customized the exclusive effect for the exhibition,and selected the works of Paris Stock Exchange innovated and designed by Tadao Ando as the prototype.Let hundreds of millions of input method users feel the"fanghuali"of the 80 year old architect on their mobile phones!
  Tadao Ando's"Fanghua"exhibition theme skin
  Paris Stock Exchange(Art Museum)Matsuoka Mannan
  Unlock new ways to play the exhibition
  Keyboard input"Tadao Ando"
  Master golden sentence with one click
  A unique secret collection
  "Wildness"is to jump out of established views,fully believe in my rationality,and have the courage and action to move forward.
  You should use your five senses to understand this extraordinary world.This disadvantage is the interest in sightseeing,so you will brand its image on you and always accompany you.
  Interesting people are always born where work does not follow decisions.
  Life is at war all the time.
  Want to write a chapter in the conversation?
  Want to get master golden sentence with one click?
  Come and test it with your fingers!
  STEP 1
  Input"Tadao Ando"on the skin interface of Sogou input method app
  Or slide to the"art trend"plate
  Click to enable"Tadao Ando Beijing Fanghua Exhibition"
  STEP 2
  On the keyboard of Sogou input method
  Enter Tadao Ando
  Select"Ai help write"
  Dialogue with experience
  Paris Stock Exchange
  This symbolic large-scale architectural exhibition site,which has never been seen in China,will be divided into four aspects:"the prototype of space","the battle of the city","the creation of landscape"and"dialogue with experience",to explore Tadao Ando's architectural miracle connecting the half life of tetO and Thailand as a"fighter"and the retrospective interpretation of the"Youth"of life in his old age,There is a generation of master Tadao Ando's extraordinary attainments and thinking about the future.
  In the fourth one-sided"dialogue with experience",from the projects realized at the end of 1980 to the very newly completed Paris Stock Exchange,Tadao Ando's reconstruction projects appear in great detail.Tadao Ando integrates his respect for ancient architecture into the architecture,and is expected to spare no effort to preserve the time and images carved in ancient architecture,and show a new contemporary space in it,triggering a dialogue between the old and the new,so that people can fill up and wait with the strength of connecting ancient and modern times.
  Paris city official
  Paris Stock Exchange Bourse de commerce area map
  It forms a triangle with the Louvre and Pompidou
  Paris Stock Exchange official
  "In Ando's innovation,the outer wall of the exchange was not changed,but a new cylindrical space was created in the building,so as to establish a contact between experience,present and future."
  Film clip of Assassin's created unity
  Official drawing of building raw materials
  The Paris Stock Exchange,which is located in the original site of the environmental trend in the middle of Paris,was once a Grain Exchange.The architect Tadao Ando transformed it into an art museum.This is master Pino and master Ando's fight against Paris again.In this project,master Ando still takes the dialogue of new and past events as the design theme.He inserts a cylindrical space with a height of 10m and a diameter of 30m into the circular hall in the building,resulting in a bold box like space layout.
  Tadao Ando design manuscript
  "The challenge"this year,Milan universal designed desidaily
  "We can understand Ando's design sketch in this way.His design is to install a reinforced concrete cylinder in the circular hall in the middle of the exchange.In order to establish the relationship with the room,he built a virtual sphere in the space,which is the epitome of the architectural vision of the French visionary."
  This manuscript is also on display in the"Fanghua"exhibition in Beijing
  Welcome friends to watch
  Official plan of innovative design
  Innovative design profile
  "This concentric column is a very powerful element put into the old buildings by Ando so far.Adding this element to the marked space created by circular space and dome not only does not weaken the result of the latter,but also strengthens the benefit.The'unified'attitude represented by the stock exchange happens to require another unified attitude.Nothing is more important than this It is awesome or even more hardened.It provides new vitality for preparing to become a new exchange in the middle of contemporary art civilization in Paris."
  Paris Stock Exchange cyrile Weiner
  "The dome paintings depict the characters of the symbols north,East,South and West,and the murals have a history of trade between the five continents."
  Paris Stock Exchange think Utopia
  Paris Stock Exchange think Utopia
  The wooden mold of the Paris Stock Exchange is now located on the second floor of Beijing Minsheng Art Museum.This very large wooden mold in this exhibition needs to be assembled according to a detailed instruction manual.The assembly process takes a whole day and night,which is also a very long time in all the exhibits.
  Chen Hao,intermediate model of Paris securities exchange
  Paris Stock Exchange Model Wenzhu foreign Photography:Studio FF
  Paris securities intermediate mold assembly process
  "As a result,a new chapter is written on a"city image"filled with vitality.It not only continues the very initial design of the building,but also shows a style different from the old ones.This silent eloquence has certain appreciation benefits.In addition to providing a viewing platform for tourists who are expected to watch the dome murals at a close distance,it also provides art treasures here It provides a suitable setting."
  This architectural innovation design project
  It is the fourth alliance between master Ando and his companion master Pino for many years
  What is the origin between them?
  Francois Henry Pinot
  Franois-Henri Pinault
  Tadao Ando's"Fanghua"exhibition in Beijing-Tian Fangfang,exhibition area of Ando and Pino alliance project
  "In 1996,when I designed a new room for chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld,I met master Francois Pinault at her home in Paris.
  At that time,I never imagined that I would work with master Pino,an entrepreneur who looked tough,sharp eyed and silent.
  However,in retrospect,the successful completion of my two projects in Venice began with my acquaintance with master Pino.
  Master Pino,as an industrialist,has an indomitable will and will overcome all difficulties only for the sake of youth targets;even in the face of social changes and economic neglect,he always has the courage to make verification,continuously trust me,and continue to move forward in order to realize our dream of cooperation.
  I learned a lot from this rich man who can be found everywhere in the world.
  He can make a quick decision alone,overcome difficulties with an iron will,and spare no effort to achieve the targets set by himself."
  ——Complete works of Tadao Ando
  Francois Pino and Tadao Ando official
  Francois Henry Pinault(French:Francois Henri Pinault,May 28,1962-),born in Rennes,France,chairman and CEO of Kaiyun group,France.Forbes magazine estimates that in March 2013,their family members had about$15 billion in assets.In 2013,he gave alms to the people's Republic of China for the mouse and rabbit heads in the bronze statues of the animal heads of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals in the Old Summer Palace.He joined the cloud group in 1987.
  Kering group(French:[ki]),formerly known as Paris spring group(PPR,which is the abbreviation of"Pinault Printemps Redoute"),was changed to its current name with the consent of the general meeting of shareholders on June 18,2013.It is a foreign listed company focusing on planning costumes and accessories.Headquartered in Paris,France,it is the third largest company of waste products in the world,Ranked behind LVMH and Richemont group.It owns a large number of famous brands,such as Gucci,Alexander McQueen,Bottega Veneta,Saint Laurent,Balenciaga,Brioni,Christopher Kane,Sergio Rossi,Boucheron,Pomellato and Athens watch Ulysse Nardin,Girard perregaux,Jean Richard,Qeelin,etc.
  In addition to Kaiyun group,Francois Pino has another very intense work,that is,to establish the Pinault collection and strive to promote the development of contemporary art and civilization.Palazzo Grassi(Palazzo Grassi Palace),Punta della Dogana(old Haiguan building)and teatrino(Palazzo Grassi Palace Theater)in Venice,Italy They are all masterpieces of Pinault collection,and the innovation and innovation of these three projects are realized by Tadao Ando.This Bourse de commerce(Paris Stock Exchange)is their fourth alliance.They are not only trusted allies,but also friends with friendship for more than 30 years.
  Glasi palace official
  Venice customs building Shigeo Ogawa
  Granisi Palace Theatre orsenigo chemollo
  Tadao Ando global tour exhibition China Beijing station·Fanghua
  Viewing straight channel
  (long press the applet code below to buy tickets)
  Ticket purchase instructions
  ·One person,one vote,one appearance is useful(only for sightseeing on the same day)
  ·Original price:150 yuan
  ·Group tickets are available from 50,for enterprises.For details,please call the exhibition hotline:021-33773001(Miss Zhou)
  ·Double ticket 270 yuan,two people all the way out,only on the ticket platform
  ·The student ticket is 100 yuan.All day college students and below can purchase student tickets at the exhibition site/place orders on the platform with their own useful certificates,and wear their personal useful certificates and useful student certificates
  ·Free tickets:children under 1.2m and the elderly aged 70 enjoy free tickets;the disabled and righteous family members can enjoy free sightseeing with valid certificates
  ·Tickets are required for children above 1.2 meters.Children below 1.2 meters need to be accompanied by their parents.only one child below 1.2 meters can be worn by one parent.Children's notice must be signed before they appear
  ·Please purchase the tickets of Tadao Ando:Fanghua in the official applet of the art museum.Please forgive me for the inconvenience.
  Pre estimated applet
  (long press the applet code below to simply pre estimate)
  Sightseeing instructions
  ·When visitors come to the art museum,they need to show the pre estimated QR code,useful ID card or original passport of the art museum.I can register in the museum only after I have real-time"Health Code"(applied for through the"Beijing kangjianbao"applet)and verified that there is no exception.
  ·Children's sightseeing needs to be accompanied and predicted by adults at the same time.The sightseeing law is similar to that of adults.Children's health status can be obtained by applying"others'health status check"in the"Beijing kangjianbao"applet.
  ·Please abide by the regulations of Beijing epidemic prevention and Control Association and take over the temperature measurement before entering the museum.If the temperature exceeds 37.3℃or has unusual signs such as cough and shortness of breath,you will refuse to enter the museum.Please forgive me.If you feel unwell after entering the museum,please contact the staff in real time.
  ·Please keep an interval of more than 1.5 meters during line-up and sightseeing.It is recommended that sightseeing should be controlled within 2 hours.According to the actual situation,the audience should be placed by the joint venture staff and enter the museum in batches at the wrong time.
  ·When visiting the museum,you should wear masks in the whole process,do not gather or get together,and actively cooperate to do a good job in prevention and control.
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