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How to put the sogou input method out?

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 Computers bring up the sogou input method first need to open the computer, open and then open a browser and search sogou input method on the surface of the table's website, download sogou input method in the website, wait for after the download is complete, click on the install, and then open a can input window, click on the lower right corner of the taskbar at the bottom of the computer input method icon and select sogou input method.
Sogou Input is a Chinese character input tool launched by Tencent's Beijing Sogou Information Service Co., Ltd. in June 2006.
Different from traditional input methods, Sogou input is the first input method born for the Internet -- it uses search engine technology to turn the Internet into a giant "living" word bank. Netizens are not only the users of thesaurus, but also the producers of thesaurus.
Sogou input method is far ahead of other input methods in terms of the breadth of thesaurus and the accuracy of preferred words.

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