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What is the meaning of Sogou?

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 Sogou IS A SUBSIDIARY OF SOHU COMPANY, LAUNCHED on August 3, 2004, the purpose is to enhance THE search skills OF SOHU NET, mainly operating the search business OF SOHU COMPANY. In the search business at the same time, also launched Sogou input method, free mailbox, mailbox business. On August 9, 2010, Sohu and Alibaba announced that they would spin off Sogou to establish an independent company and introduce strategic investment. After capital injection, Sogou is expected to become a Chinese search tool second only to Baidu. Basic Sogou queries are simple and convenient. Just type in your query and hit Enter, or click the "Sogou Search" button to get the most relevant information. Sogou is named after the humorous line in the 2001 movie Big Shot, "They sohu, we Sogou, each search!" . Sogou's product line includes web applications and desktop applications. The web application takes web search as the core, and provides vertical search services in the fields of music, pictures, news and maps, and builds a search community among users. Desktop applications are designed to improve the user experience: Sogou toolbar to help users quickly start the search, Pinyin input method to help users more quickly to promote input, PXP acceleration engine...

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