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Is Sogou a Sohu company

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 Sogou, which is controlled by Sohu and Tencent, is a subsidiary of Sohu Inc., which operates Sohu's search business. In the search business at the same time, Sogou also launched input method, free mailbox, enterprise mailbox and other businesses.
1. Introduction:
Sogou was created by Sohu on August 3, 2004 under the domain name Sogou.com to enhance Sohu's search skills. The term "Sogou" originated in the 2001 Chinese New Year movie "Big Shot," and Sogou became a search engine brand under Sohu three years later. September 16, 2013, Tencent capital injection Sogou, and Tencent's Sogou business, input method business into Sogou, Sogou 36.5% of the shares, and will increase to about 40% in the near future.
2, use:
Sogou has input method, browser, cloud computing, video, search, maps and so on.

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