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Education hardware tuyere is coming, input experience is the key to interaction, sogou input method

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 With the introduction of new education infrastructure and other policies, smart classroom terminals, campus intelligent terminals, education tablets and other hardware in the education industry.
Under the catalyst of the policy, various giants such as Huawei and Xiaomi have increased the business of intelligent education hardware. Various educational hardware such as education tablet, dictionary and pen have been released one after another, and various manufacturers have also launched various new functions such as voice assistant based on AI technology.
In addition to the continuous update of intelligent educational hardware, the demand for educational software is also rising. Among them, the input method of education customization, intelligent demand has become many players concerned about the problem.
▲ Distribution of Chinese Education Smart Hardware players (source: Tencent Research Institute 2021 China Education Smart Hardware Trend Insight Report)
Sogou Input law is one of the core players who can provide customized services on the input method circuit, and can provide customized input methods that can be deeply combined with their products for partners.
For vertical education scenarios, Sogou input method customises corresponding input methods according to the requirements of intelligent education software and hardware manufacturers, such as control and experience. Meanwhile, it focuses on the development of handwritten formula recognition and handwritten long sentence input functions to solve the input difficulties in education scenarios.
How does Sogou input method understand the input requirements in educational scenarios? Zhixi talked with Hu Miaoli, director of External cooperation Department of Sogou Input method, to exchange the core advantages behind Sogou input method, and understand the ideas and views of Sogou input method in intelligent education, intelligent education software and hardware.
First, tablet control and experience problems can be solved by input
With the rise of intelligent education hardware industry, Sogou input method has increased its layout in the field of education, and proposed targeted solutions for pain points such as intelligent education hardware control and experience.
1, multi-function switch interface, avoid children playing tablet
In the use of intelligent education hardware products, especially education tablets, how to prevent addiction and control the direction of children using tablets is one of the important requirements.
In view of this situation, Sogou input method specifically for input method design function switch, such as students in the exam, the teacher can turn off the student tablet associative input function, such as students doing English exercises, close the quick translation function, for students to create a pure learning, examination mode.
For example, Hangzhiyun, which designs the teacher control system of student tablet, has made use of the customized solution of the education industry provided by Sogou input method. Teachers can manage student tablet from the background, and prevent students from being addicted to games, installing applications and searching at will, and using inappropriate terms from the input.
▲ Sogou input method Hangzhiyun education customized version input method interface
2, multi-module screen keyboard design, optimize input experience
The screen sizes and forms of intelligent education hardware products such as smart tablets, electronic whiteboards and large conference screens vary greatly. If they are all in the same keyboard mode, it will not only be unattractive and affect the input experience, but also may not conform to the habits of users, thus affecting the experience when using these devices.
Sogou input method will be adapted according to the screen of the tablet and other devices, whether it is bangs, full screen or folding screen can be very good adaptation; And adjust screen keyboard interface form according to hardware manufacturer's characteristic input requirements.
For example, sogou input method according to xiwo education tablet put forward the use of experience requirements, for the classroom classroom scene, a multi-functional keyboard design, punctuation, numbers, pinyin at the same time, users avoid the impact of switching the keyboard on their thinking.

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